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Different types of computer courses

Different types of computer courses
Computer Basic

The computer industry is one of the biggest industry there are many technologies which are related to the computer are developed day by day so there are a large number of the industry which are related to computer technology and they produce many jobs which are related to the computer industry

In the computer industry, day by day new technology are included so there is not any fixed number, of course, are related to the computer industry but in this article, we talk about only those course which is most famous and the people participate in this course and make our future stable these courses are explained below in the article.

(1) Basic computer course (O level)

If you do not know anything about the computer such as what is the computer and how we use this device in a different area and how they works then, first of all, you need to complete the basic computer course

In the basic computer, we learn that thing which are necessary to run the computer here we learn how to starts the computer and we work on the computer and how we use different application and software of the computer so to operate the computer we first learn basic computer knowledge and then we learn a more advanced course which is related to the computer the duration this course is 3-6 months.

(2) Programming

Computer programming is on the most important course because without computer programming we cannot make any software or programs, there are many institutes, college, and university all around the world which teach about the computer programming

In the computer programming  there are many languages teach by the college, institute, and university these programming languages help us to create an application or another software, so we can say that programming is the back born of the computer and without the programming, we cannot imagine the computer

(3) DCA (Diploma in computer application)

Under this course there are many topics are taught such as programming, web designing, and many other things so after the completing of this course you can elect to make an application developer, the duration of this course is 6-months to 1-year

After the completing of DCA course, you can do work in the software company and find the errors bugs on the system there are many large amounts of packages provided for this job, this course are very demandable because the day by day new technology develops so their maintainer and developer are very demandable.

(4) Diploma in computer science

This is another high demandable course in the computer field because under this course there are many things are taught to the students such as programming, Networking, software development, Web programming and another a most important topic so most of the tech company prefer this student so after the 10th or 12th we can choose this course to make our future bright The duration of this course is 3-years

(5) Ethical hacker

This is another most interesting course which teaches by many institutes all around the world, after complete the ethical hacking degree course, you can do any company which are tech-related and here you check all security of the system and provided the security of all the computers, for this work company paid high salary so this ethical course beneficial for you

Computer courses name

How to increase mobile phone or computer speed

How to increase mobile phone or computer speed
Internet speed

Slow internet speed is one of the most common things on the different devices this low speed is due to a software issue or hardware issues, But in this article, we talk about the software issues only because the hardware issues of the device are not prepared by the common people so in this article we are know what are we doing to improve device performance.

(1) Disable starts programs

There are many program run in the background in our device, if the number of the running programs is more than it will impact on the device and our device is not working properly because when more program run in the background than it consumes more resources so our device is slow down

So to overcome this difficulty we disable the background apps or programs and after this process our device resources are less using so we can see that our device work fast

In the mobile phone, we can easily disable background apps or programs but this disable are not easy in the PC so to disable background apps or programs in the PC we follow these steps

First of all press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete Button after this a new page will be open here we click on the Start up option then after this process all the programs or apps which run in the background are shown here so we can disable the apps and improve device performance.

(2) Synchronization

The synchronization process is very common for this device due to this process, our device data are store on online if we don’t want to save our data online than we can disable this feature than no data of the device is being stored on the online

Due to the synchronization process, it consumes our internet data so our device are being slow so to overcome this difficulty we can disable this feature and increase the internet speed on the device, to disable this feature go to the google account setting and here the disable feature of the synchronization are available so after disable our internet data less consume and we found that our device works fast

(3) Disable Animation and visual graphics

If our device did not support high graphics or high animation then we cannot run these programs because if we run these high graphics app then the load on the device is increased and this may be harmful to our device so we run only those apps or programs which are supporting in our device

(4) Windows update

In our laptop or PC after the sometimes interval windows, the update is coming the size of the update some time is bigger and if we not update the system than it updates in the background and consume our internet data in the background

If we do not want to update the device then we can disable it and after this process, our device performance will be increased and it works better than before to disable the update feature in the device first of all press the button widows+R and than a new page will be open here we type services.msc after this step a new page will open here we search windows update option and disable the windows update feature

(5) Stop notification

In our device, there are a large number of apps or software are installed and all these apps or software give the notification according to the condition, and after some time interval if any update of the application is come then they give us notification in the top navigation bar

All the notification of the apps consume some amount of internet so this notification impact on the internet speed so if these notification is not important for us than we can disable it and improve the device internet speed because many time we get a large amount of notification at the same time and this time a very large amount of devices are used so our the device is not quickly response at that time so to overcome this problem we disable unwanted notification

(6) Clean storage 

If the space of our device is totally filled than some of the apps are not working properly due to low storage because when apps are running on the devices than it expands and consumes more resources some time our devices storages are filled with caches data and cookies data these data are important for device performance but if the size of the caches data or cookies are are more than limited level than it will be harmful foe our device and decrease the internet speed of the device

Internet speed increasing tips

Browser cookies
Browser cookies

Cookies are a type of file which store in our device these files save those data which we browse on the internet, these cookies help us to open the website very fast because when we open the same site again and again then the detail of this site store in the form cookies in our device and when we reopen this site than this cookie helps to open this site in a fast way

 Advantages of cookies

(a) The cookies of the site increase the speed of the device when we re-open the site because all the data is store in the temporary form in our device

(b) If we want to improve the browsing then we need to enable cookies because there are many small files are stored in the form of cookies which improve the experience of browsing

Disadvantages of cookies

There are many disadvantages to the cookies which are discuss in below
(a) The cookies of the site are not in the encrypted form (code form) so third party can access this cookie's data and miss use this file

(b) If we add our personal detail on the different site than we do not need to enable cookies of the site because any third party can use this personal data and steal our information

How to delete cookies from Chrome/Google browser

Chrome browser save the cookies in our device if we want to delete this cookie then we can do it, to delete the cookies from the browser first of all, we go to the chrome browser  and click on the three-dotted lines after this process we see the setting option so just click on it

After click on the setting option, we see a new page where we Click on the Advance setting option after this we see the clear cookies option so just click on this option than all the cookies file will be permanently delete from the phone and when we re-open the website then it looks like new

How to delete cookies from Firefox

The cookies deletion process of the Firefox browser is different from other to do this process, first of all, we go to the Firefox the browser here we click on the three lines after this we click on the option then we click on the privacy option after this process we see remove cookies option so after a click on it all the cookies of the device is deleted and when we open any site then it looks like the new version


If we working banking work on the device then we not allow to cookies on the device otherwise, it may be harmful to us and the future any person miss use this cookie against us
The cookies of the different site not in the encrypted form so we not give permission to store in our device
The cookies file contain our ID, password, card detail, location, language, IP address, Device name, Link which we serve so we not allow saving cookie because in the some of the cases in may be dangerous for us the cookies of the site only improve the browsing experience and speed of the device so it is not more important than our personal detail so we not need to allow it in our device

What are cookies | Advantages and disadvantages | Clear chrome cookies

Cryptography definition their algorithm types and keys

Cryptography is a method which is used to convert a plain text into ciphertext, if you do not know what is Plane text and cipher text then we explain it in the short form in the below of the article.

The cryptography is used over the large in the networking because when we send file and data from one place to another place with the help of the internet then fear in our mind to lose this data so to overcome this difficulty cryptography has used this method to convert our important data into the machine language.

So after the converting, this code is not readable and no any third party can miss using this data when we convert plain text into cipher the text then this code is called encrypted code and when we convert this encrypted code into plain text then this process is called decryption.

Plain Text

It is the normal text or sentence which are used to communicate with the people this text is readable, this text may be our local language and with the help of the text, we can write letters, applications, etc.
Ex- English, Hindi, German, French, and other languages.

Cipher Text

In the cryptography ciphertext is one of the most important part, this is the coded text which is not read this text is made by with the help of powerful computers this ciphertext is decoded by only authorizing people.

Types of ciphertext

There are two types of ciphertext
(a) Transposition cipher
(b) Substation cipher

(a) Transposition cipher

Under the transposition cipher, the whole text is first of all analyzed by the computers and then it converts into ciphertext but in the transposition ciphertext the position of the text or characters are replaces by the computers and all information about this conversion is save on the file this file is called is key and only this key is able to decode the ciphertext.

If we have no key of the given ciphertext then we cannot convert this ciphertext into plain text so to save our data after converting into ciphertext, we save this program key on the authorize place

Substitution cipher.

If we replace the plane text with another word, letters, character or by a mixture of words then this type of ciphertext is called substitution cipher this ciphertext looks like as transposition but it is not same because in the transpose cipher the character will be the same and there the position will be change but in the substitution cipher the text is replaced by another text so all the format of the plane text will be totally changed.

After the substation cipher, the given code is decrypted (decode) by only those method which is used to encrypt it, the decryption of code is doing with the help of keys, the information of these keys is taken secret because if these keys are going to another third party then they steal our data when we send it.

Properties of Cryptography

There are many properties of cryptography which are discussed below
(1) After the encryption of plain text, it is not user friendly so its method is to secure our data.
(2) This method is provided confidentially (Not access by the third party) of our data.
(3) After the encryption of data, it will decode by only authorize people

Some main facts about cryptography

If we send data to the receiver directly then fear in our the mind always being that if this data is hacked by any person then our important information will be leak and this data may be miss-used by the hacker so most of the networking system, cryptography is used.

After the encryption of data the security of data is increase and if some cases any other person steals this encrypted data then it is not able to decode it because for the decode of this data a key is required which has only authorize people so this method keeps our data safe.

There are many algorithms that are used for the encryption of data this algorithm changes according to the time so this is another main feature of the cryptography because this algorithm is not same always so it pervaded our network security.

Process for encryption of the plain text

First of all plain text converted into numerical form and when it converts into numerical there are many rules that are applied to convert it the all conversion is saved on keys after the converting into ciphertext this data is sent to the receiver when receiver access this cipher code they convert this code into a plane and use their work.

Cryptography definition their algorithm types and keys

Is cache memory
cache for website

Cache memory is a hardware base memory which helps us to store temporary data of the different apps, because when we run the application or any program than there are many processes that are the same so the system save this process in the cache memory and we re-open this app then it will open too fast

The cache memory of the device is very important so a particular place is located to this cache memory if the caches of some apps are save on the memory than it will open fast and instantly react because all the process which are used to run this application are saved in the cache memory

If we remove our cache memory from the device which is not technically possible then our device are response quickly and when we run programs or apps than in will not open fast because the running process is not save any other so to open particular apps the system do all process to run this application

So to overcome this difficulty we use cache memory and take a particular location on the board, this caches memory do work faster than RAM and some of the time it works 3 times faster than of RAM so it plays an important role in our device

Browser cache data

When we access the same webpage on the browser than a temporary data of this webpage is store on the cache memory and when we re-browse this webpage then this temporarily saved webpage help us to open the site very fast

Effect on the device after deleting cache data

When we remove all cache data from the device than our phone, open the apps or another program very slow because all the temporary data of this app are deleted so the device open that app from starting so it takes to open more time

If we have sufficient storage then we do not need to try clean cache data from the device otherwise our programs will be taken more time to open, if our main storage totally full or our phone hang up than some the particular case we can clean all the cache data and delete all cache data after this process our all apps refresh

Difference between cache data or app data

The app data is the main data of the app and it contains all the codes which are programmed on this app when we delete the data of the app then it will not work properly and give some errors but caches data is not permanently data it creates when we open the apps and if we delete this data than our apps will be refresh

How to delete caches data from the device

If we want to delete cache data from the phone then we can do it, the deleting process of the cache of the different phone are different but in this article, we talk you that method which is common most of the devices so to follow this instruction

First of all, go to the setting and find the storage section, in the storage, we see the clear cache option after clicking on this option all the cache data removed from the device but we not recommended you to clear your cache data from the phone because it helps us to open the files, folder or another apps fast and improve the speed of the device so we do not need to try delete the cache memory

What is cache memory and clear cache from chrome

Cyber security news
Cyber security

There are a large number of data is transferred through the internet so we need a security system which saves our data from a hacker, these a person which save our data from hackers and improve the cybersecurity of our the system is called analyst

The salary of the cybersecurity analyst depends on their qualification and on their skill but according to the expert the salary of the cybersecurity analyses are lies between 5-6 lack

Cybersecurity jobs

There are many different types of jobs that are available in the cybersecurity but in this article, we talk about only those jobs which are highly requirements and the salary of these jobs are high, most of the person prefer these jobs, in the below of the article we explain some jobs category in the cybersecurity so according to your interest you can choose anyone

Information security analyst

If you want to make an information security analyst of any the company then, first of all, you have a bachelor degree in computer science, under this job, you have to do to analyze the network of the company and provide the security of all the system the salary of the security analyst is 5-6 lack
 There are many hackers who wanted to steal to private data of the company and use this information for our profit so to secure our networking system we need a person which provided security to our networking these people are a security analyst which prevent the hacker and secure our personal data

Software security engineering

To make a software security engineer in any company first of all we need a bachelor degree in computer science, software engineering, etc the salary of the software security engineering is 7-8 lack
Under this job, we have done to provide the development of software because when we use computers for a long time there are many bugs and other malware are installed so to solve this problem we need software so we can just create and solve this problem easily

We can do another work in the software security engineering such as software planning, if we want to improve our services then we take up update day today so we need to plan the software and according to the requirement we just create and take in use to secure our system

Another part of the software security engineering is development of the software because without the software we can to analyze the data of the company and not generate the reports to improve our services so day to day we need some new programs and software to analyze the data because if the quantity of the data is more than it is not handled by the people so we need software the developer which make software and provide the security to our system

Chief information security officer (CISO)

If we select for the post of CISO we have to do many work in the job which is discussed as below, for this job we need a qualification which is a Bachelor degree from computer science, cybersecurity degree and the master degree in computer science

There are many qualifications that are required to make a CISO, we can not gain this CISO job directly, after working on many posts in the company we can promote to this job in the company for this job the IT security information is required compulsory, the salary of this job lies 12-80 lack.

Security Architect

This job is one of the most important jobs in any networking world because these people find the weakness of the network and give their solution, to check the security of the system this security architect attack on the system legally and find the holes in the system

In the networking, not any system which is fully anti-hack but these security Architects make the system is nearly unhackable but in the reality no any system exist which are full anti-hack
If we want to make a security architect then there are some qualification is required which is a bachelor degree in computer science, master degree compulsory in the cybersecurity or computer science the salary are provided for this job is 15-20 lack

After the joining of this job, there are many works are doing such as how to use a VPN for our security and how to use a firewall to protect our system

Penetration Tester

This is also a type of security architect the working process of both people are nearly the same, in the penetration tester jobs people find to system weakness and find their best solution, to doing this work a group of people is required which working on a different topic on this work to analyze the all system the salary of this job is 5-10 lack and the qualification are required master in computer science

Cybersecurity Analyst salary and job salary

What is Google Analytics?

Google analytic dashboard
Google Analytics

Goggle Analytics is an online tool which helps us to generate the reports of website, Blog, Digital marketing and another platform this tool is widely use to see the user experience on a different platform, for our desire we use this tool for online marketing or offline marketing.

Working of Google Analytic

The algorithm of the google analytic is changed according to the time and some new features are added according to the present time this the tool continuously upgrades their algorithm, But according to the expert this tool working on the basis of three give platforms which is discussed below.

Collect Data to analyze the given platform

Data collection is one of the most important parts of the Google analytics because without any data it cannot generates reports and not give their solution, it is the common science without any data how this tool generates the reports of the Website, Blog, or any other platform.

To analyze the website or Blog, first of all, we create a google analytics account and added our site on this tool, To doing this process we need a javascript which provided by this tool so we can just copy and paste this java code on the site where this tool says after this process our google analytics tools are ready to analyze the website and generate their reports.

The given Java code is a tracking code it tracks all the activity which is doing on the site this code is very small in size and east to past on the site to their original position, this java code track user as well as Admin activities on the site such as who user come on the site and how many posts this user read and where this user click on the site so according these reports which we can easily optimize the site and make it user friendly This java code is also tracking the user behavior, languages which mobile are used and which operating system is working on the device.

Compile of data

After collecting data from different sources an process is doing to generate the reports about this data this process is called compiling, the compilation process is a very necessary process to analyze this collecting data, the competition process of different data are different and this process is doing stepwise.

The compilation process of the google analytic is automatic and we cannot modify this process are pre-design into the google analytic tool.

Generates the Reports

After the compilation and collecting of data from different sources this tool give us reports, on the basis of this reports we can modify the site according to our desire and increase more traffic on the site this the tool is basically used to see the user experience on different platform and improve our site, this tool is easily available on the app form and we use us this tool in the desktop version because desktop version of this tool is too advance and we have gained some additional properties

What is Google Analytic and working process