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Is cache memory
cache for website

Cache memory is a hardware base memory which helps us to store temporary data of the different apps, because when we run the application or any program than there are many processes that are the same so the system save this process in the cache memory and we re-open this app then it will open too fast

The cache memory of the device is very important so a particular place is located to this cache memory if the caches of some apps are save on the memory than it will open fast and instantly react because all the process which are used to run this application are saved in the cache memory

If we remove our cache memory from the device which is not technically possible then our device are response quickly and when we run programs or apps than in will not open fast because the running process is not save any other so to open particular apps the system do all process to run this application

So to overcome this difficulty we use cache memory and take a particular location on the board, this caches memory do work faster than RAM and some of the time it works 3 times faster than of RAM so it plays an important role in our device

Browser cache data

When we access the same webpage on the browser than a temporary data of this webpage is store on the cache memory and when we re-browse this webpage then this temporarily saved webpage help us to open the site very fast

Effect on the device after deleting cache data

When we remove all cache data from the device than our phone, open the apps or another program very slow because all the temporary data of this app are deleted so the device open that app from starting so it takes to open more time

If we have sufficient storage then we do not need to try clean cache data from the device otherwise our programs will be taken more time to open, if our main storage totally full or our phone hang up than some the particular case we can clean all the cache data and delete all cache data after this process our all apps refresh

Difference between cache data or app data

The app data is the main data of the app and it contains all the codes which are programmed on this app when we delete the data of the app then it will not work properly and give some errors but caches data is not permanently data it creates when we open the apps and if we delete this data than our apps will be refresh

How to delete caches data from the device

If we want to delete cache data from the phone then we can do it, the deleting process of the cache of the different phone are different but in this article, we talk you that method which is common most of the devices so to follow this instruction

First of all, go to the setting and find the storage section, in the storage, we see the clear cache option after clicking on this option all the cache data removed from the device but we not recommended you to clear your cache data from the phone because it helps us to open the files, folder or another apps fast and improve the speed of the device so we do not need to try delete the cache memory

What is cache memory and clear cache from chrome

What is Router 

Router different ports
Router definition

The router is an electronic device which is used to split the modem signal into different parts because when the internet comes on the modem then there are only one IP address is attached to this data so to split this we use Router

If we want to use many devices to the help of router then we can do it, The router is able to connect two or more devices it is used in basically LAN and WAN network, this router help us to find the best path to reach our website so our work will be fast.

On the internet, there are many ways to reach a particular but if we use a router in our networking then it helps us to reach our desire site our WebPages very less time the router base technology is more costly with respect to Switch or Hub networking these router also help to stop the unwanted traffic on our device so it is another reason than when we use router then our device is working fast.

Working on Router

It is an internet-based device which helps us to connect two or more different IP address devices,, most of the router is Operating system based so they work very smartly, the router manages all the connection which is connected to this device

The router is accessed only digital signal and split this signal into different parts when they split this signal then every part have their particular IP and we said this IP is a gateway IP address, the different devices are connected to the router with the help of this gateway IP.

Classification of Router

There are mainly two types of Router which are given as below

(a) Fixed Router

These routers are not used over the large scale because this the router provided only limited facilities so most of the user are not prefer this router, in this type of routers there are no extra ports are available to configure this router but in the new modern router new ports are available which help us to configure the default setting of the router and improve the performance of router

In the fixed routers we cannot add any interface cards so this is another big reason most of the person nor use this router, we cannot upgrade this router.

(b) Modulator Router

This is the advance version of fixed routers, in this routers there are many new ports and features are included which improve the quality of the router so these routers are used over the large scale, in the modulator router some new slots and other important ports are added so we attached external cards on the router and configure the default setting of the router.

Types of ports on the Router

There are basically three types of ports are included on the router which is given as below

(a) LAN Ports

If we connect many devices through a particular server then we use this LAN (Local area network) port, we connect the compute to the server with wire or wireless this router are supporting both of the feature, in the LAN ports there are some port are included which are given as below.

Ethernet port
Fast Ethernet port
Gig Ethernet port

(b) WAN ports

If we communicate over the large distance then we use WAN network the rang of the WAN network is above the 1km so it is widely used and with the help of this network, we connect router to router and transfer their data, in the router these ports are called serial port and these ports maybe 60 pin or 26 pins.

(c) Administrator Port

 In the router the LAN and WAN ports are used to transfer their data from one place to another place but the administrator port is not used to transfer the data, these ports are use to configure the routers and give the commands to the router.

Router vs access point | Setting of ports

How to increase internet speed ?

Increase internet speed and check internet explorer
Increase internet speed and check internet explorer 

If we face slow internet on our mobile or another device then follow the given result you can improve your internet speed on your device in this article we discuss all the facts about the phone which is the most big reason to slow the internet speed.

So just read all the setting in the detail and configure according to your device and improve your internet speed these setting and trick are discussed as below.

Remove unnecessary apps or unused app

If we have install to many apps than it is the one of the biggest reason to decrease the speed of internet because when we using the phone then these apps are run in background and consume too many internet data so our internet speed and phone performance are decrease.

So to solve this problem we can uninstall unused apps and improve internet speed this trick is really work and most of the user follow this tips to improve their internet speed because when apps run on background it consume phone RAM and internet so after the uninstall we can free of this problem so you can use this tips for better result.

Remove widgets from phone

If we active many widgets on our home screen the it may be another reason to decrease our internet speed because this widgets use internet data to take upgrade so if we have no necessary these widgets the we can remove it and improve mobile internet speed these widgets show many detail such as Date and time, Weather information and another updates so they consume data and slow down our phone, for the best experience of internet we have not use unnecessary widgets.

Disable Synchronization (sync)  

If the synchronization of the Gmail account is enable then it will decrease the internet speed of the mobile phone because when we turn on the sync of the phone then our data is storage online so during this process internet data is consume so during the synchronization process our internet speed is less because our data is using on the uploading of our detail on the online.

If we not want to save our personal data or any other information online then we will turn off this setting then our data is not using on the synchronization process and speed of the internet is increase.

Use Advertisement (ads) blocker apps

In our mobile phone there are many apps which show ads on their home screen, these ads are also the reason to decrease the speed of internet because when we run this application then these ads consume internet data than our data is not use properly on our working app so to increase the speed of internet we can use ads blocker app.

These ads blocker apps are easily available on play store or another app store so just install these apps on the basis of star rating, after the installing the ads blocker we give to permission which they apps are required after this process we can see the effect of this ads blocker app and our internet speed is increasing by this process.

Delete caches data of the apps

When we using internet on the mobile phone then there are many apps are running on the background so a cache data is save of the phone, if we use internet for the long time then the size of cache data will be increase and this data is directly effect to the internet so after some time interval we can delete this cache data from the phone after this process we see better result on phone.

The removing of caches data is a very easy process if you not know this process then we describe about this topic so just remove your caches data first of all go to the setting of the phone and click on the storage section here we can see the option of remove cache data so click on the button and remove all cache data from phone.

We can remove the cache data of some apps which use internet to do this process go to the setting and click on the apps here we click on the those app which apps has cache data, after the click on the apps we see the remove cache data from phone option so do this process then the cache data of this app will be remove.

Use lite apps on phone

If our phone has low RAM then we not use higher apps because these app decrease the phone performance there are many apps are available on original version and their lite version these apps are Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The lite apps are very useful for the mobile so we can recommended you to use lite apps of different apps the lite apps are using less internet data and use less resources of the mobile so lite apps are god for the mobile.

Change APN setting of the mobile

The APN setting of the mobile is one of the most important setting, these APN setting are different for different internet provider so we can configure these APN setting according to their area but in the phone some APN setting are default available on the SIM but most of the cases these default setting are not provided better internet on the phone so many people are configure these default setting according their area.

If you not want what is APN and how they work to improve internet speed then just click on the link and see all detail of APN.

Change DNS server

If we use internet to access the different site than we required their IP address, to find the IP of different sites we use DNS server, this server  help us to find the different site IP address, if at the same time most of the people this site then this site is not easily access due to load on it so to access this site we use DNS server, this DNA server app are easily available on play store or any other app store this app help us to change the DNS server.

Reboot the system

At the end of we talk you that if you follow all the instruction which are discuss above then you will find better internet speed on your phone but at the end of you will reboot or switch off your device and then run this device after this process your device do better work.

Increase internet speed and check internet explorer

What is proxy server?

Proxy server | Types | In app detection
Proxy server | Types | In app detection 

Proxy server work as service provider between the user and source, when we use internet on the device then an IP address is required to access our data this IP address is the identity of the device and any one can track our activity on the device so to hide this IP address a server is used this server is called proxy server

Proxy server work as VPN (virtual private network) but is not fully as VPN, Proxy server are made only for specific website, apps, Browser we can access only limited data with the help of proxy server, but with the help of VPN we can access any website, apps, browser and other things

So we can say that VPN is more powerful than proxy server but in this article we can talk about only proxy server if you want to what is VPN and how to it work in networking then just click on the below link and see the all detail about VPN.


Proxy server | Types | In app detection

What is IP (Internet protocol)?

IP address | IPv4 vs IPv6 detail | Types of IP
IP address | IPv4 vs IPv6 detail | Types of IP

When we access internet on the device then a address is required to send the data on the right person this address is called IP (Internet protocol), without the IP the data is not send by the right person, IP is play very important role in the internet communication.

To understand the internet protocol in the simple language let us take an example suppose we have a parcel and we send this parcel to our relative then to send this parcel to that person we need their home address, without the home address or any other address this parcel is not reach to that person so in the internet without IP we cannot send any data with the help of internet.

Internet is access on the device with the help of wire connection or wireless connection but most of the data is transfer through the wire because speed is more in the wire connection, We use the wireless internet connection on the mobile phone or other device but if we transfer large amount of data to one country to another country then it is possible due to wire connection of the internet.

Types of internet protocol (IP)

There are mainly two types of internet protocol which are discuss as below

IPv4 Protocol

IPv4 protocol is consist four numbers which is separated by dots the range of each number is 0-255 in decimal but computers are and understand these decimal number computers are understand only binary numbers so these decimal number are converted into binary then computer are able to understand this numbers, Each number of the IPv4 protocol are written in the binary form as (00000000-11111111) each number is combination is the combination of eight binary number combination

The all IPv4 protocol number is the combination of 32 zero or ones so we can say that IPv4 is the 32 bit address, but there are the limit of this protocol we connect only 4 Billion devices to this protocol but in the real life the number of protocol address is more than 4 Billion so we need a new protocol to connect other devices

IPv6 protocol

This protocol is more used than IPv4 protocol because the number of bit in this protocol is more than IPv4 so this is widely used in this protocol the IP address is the combination of 128 zeros or ones so we can say that this protocol is 128 bit the there are 2128 devices are connect to this protocol, if we want to see our IP address then go to the browser such as chrome and types what is my IP address then google show us our IP address.

Another type of internet protocol

Dynamic protocol

When we use internet on the device the an IP is required if this IP is change when we again connect to the internet then this protocol is called dynamic protocol, the internet service provider are continuously change IP when we connect to the internet this is doing to secure to the internet and provide better result to us

Statics protocol

This protocol is used by limited organization because in this protocol only valuable information are transfer by one place to another place this protocol is less secure so this protocol is not widely used

IP address | IPv4 vs IPv6 detail | Types of IP