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Enola Holmes movie trailer release date and books

Enola Holmes
Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes movie released date on 23 September 2020 Millie police officer Brown is that the star of 1 of Netflix's prime comes following her intruder Things success - tomorrow, Enola Holmes can see the 16-year-old actor play private eye Holmes' sister, World Health Organization is as good as her massive brother.

Enola Holmes books

Enola Holmes books by yank author Nancy Springer with constant name, Enola Holmes sees Brown's character deed from college to seem for her suddenly lost mother (Helena Bonham Carter).

Enola Holmes movie released on 23 September 2020   surface-to-air missile Claflin and Henry Cavill additionally asterisked within the film as Mycroft and character severally with Harryababebe's hotel and Killing Eve guiding.

Although the private eye isn't targeted on the Netflix film, Cavill recently told Radio Times that his character was "anointed" by his younger sister within the film and is totally different Read all you recognize to this point concerning Enola Holmes.

When is that the unharness date of Enola Holmes ’Netflix?

Netflix originally unconcealed the discharge date of Enola Holmes in an exceedingly hidden means - the broadcaster free a teaser trailer for the film back in August, Enola Holmes movie released on 23 September 2020  with captions saying: "only loshme reeebtpms wnettyrhitd.

Once resolved, the anagram reads as follows: Enola Holmes Sep twenty-three - which suggests the film would hit Netflix on Wed twenty-three Sep - and this was confirmed by the platform later in August.
The recording transpire from the Gregorian calendar month 2019 onward - if you're inquisitive wherever Enola Holmes was recorded, verify our a complete guide for motion picture shooting locations.

What is Enola Holmes talking about?

Based on Nancy Springer's writings, Enola Holmes is ready in 19th-century England and is enclosed by Sherlock's younger sister (Millie police officer Brown), World Health Organization learns on her sixteenth birthday that her mother has disappeared while not knowing wherever she is.

Netflix teases her: "After a free childhood, Enola suddenly finds herself being cared for by her brother's private eye (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Claflin), each of whom begin causation her to high school to eliminate correct ladies.

However, once his journey finds him treed within the success encompassing the fledgling very little King (Louis Partridge), Enola becomes an awfully powerful man, clever of his illustrious brother as he unleashes a conspiracy that threatens to reverse history.

Considering Joe Louis Partridge's comments concerning his character, a mystery involving Lord Tewksbury may be a serious drawback within the film. talking to Radio Times, he said: “I ne'er guessed the mystery involving my character after I 1st browse the text of this - I did not even have Associate in Nursing intimation and that I hope the individual's look won't.

Enola Holmes movie released on 23 September 2020 Directed by Harry Bradbeer's Killing Eve and written by His Dark Materials' Jack Thorne, the team hopes to bring "a new way" to the present series of detectives.


Speaking to Total Film, Bradbeer said: "There was an undeniable fact that there was a sister whose individuals in all probability did not suppose she was there."

Anti-feminist," she said

Speaking concerning enjoying character within the Netflix the film, Henry Cavil said: "When Harry [Bradbeer] and that I talked concerning the actor, we tend to were cognizant that private eye was contend again and again by several howling actors.

 This is often not a character film, he said  during this case, you really have another pea within the pod, if you prefer, and you see loads of heat, kindness, and temperament in a private eye.

The movie actor - Millie police officer Brown - recently spoke to Radio Times, locution she needed to lift awareness concerning private eye Holmes' younger sister.

The other that he came up with the concept for the film along with his older sister ballplayer, the World Health Organization is additionally Associate in Nursing actor.

Author Nancy Springer], therefore we tend to visit my mum and pa, World Health Organization own a production company, and said, 'she was impressed by him. This must be a movie. My sister and that I am co-founders as we've got seen appropriate have the facility of women within the background, too.

Enola's brother on-screen, surface-to-air missile Claflin, additionally same he was drawn to the story by specializing in Enola and his "independence, strength, and intelligence.

Read more: Enola Holmes finally resolves the problem of missing girls in Sherlock's previous transformation you can realize the private eye Holmes' complete assortment of books on Amazon for £ thirteen.02. Millie police officer Brown on Enola Holmes Netflix.

Enola Holmes trailer

A full trailer was free on August twenty-five, with Brown's Enola introducing herself and explaining that her beloved mother is missing.

We additionally get the concept of the concept Cavill and surface-to-air missile Claflin as a private eye and Mycroft severally, Enola picks them up at the station and hopes they're going to have answers to her mother’s disappearance.

However, it appears that her brothers don't seem to be terribly pleased with the means Enola appeared, describing her as a "wild woman" and locution it absolutely was their job to "make her socially acceptable" by causation her to end college.

But Enola escapes, hoping to seek out her mother and additionally hides from her brothers by getting ready a lady.

Watch the full trailer below.

In the second episode of the 20th, we briefly look at Millie Bobby Brown as Sherlock's younger sister with a "sharp as art" sense, and Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin, Helena Bonham Carter, Adeel Akhtar, Fiona Shaw and Susan Wokoma donated 19th-century costumes.

Why is Arthur Conan Doyle's legacy using Netflix?

Doyle Estate reportedly lost most of its rights to the actor in 2014, but disputes a 19-page complaint that the film portrays Holmes with feelings that will not stay with the actor in books that have not yet been made public.

In 2014, the court found that all activities performed prior to 1923 were considered public works. Doyle Estate claims that the copyright of the last ten articles of the author, published between 1923 and 1927, still belongs to them.

Estate claims that the release  Enola Holmes movie released on 23 September 2020 of the film, Holmes will represent copyright infringement radioTimes.com contacted Arthur Conan Doyle's estate for further comment


Leading the cast of Enola Holmes is a 16-year-old actress Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things, Godzilla: King of the Monsters) as actor, and Superman actor Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, Justice
Enola softens Sherlock and opens her heart, which we have not yet found in other genres, ”she said.
Her brother who plays on screen, Sam Claflin, added that Enola Holmes is a new character in the detective family.

Helena Bonham Carter (The Crown, Harry Potter) features the mother of her siblings Eudora, who went missing on Enola's birthday, and Paddington 2 actress Louis Partridge who plays the new Viscount Tewksbury.

Fleabag's Fiona Shaw plays the role of Miss Harrison, the wife of Enola's new graduate school, she told Radio Times, and it was written for her.

Adeel Akhtar of Murder Mystery plays the young Inspector Lestrade and Susie Wokoma of Chewing Gum who plays Edith, who owns a London tea house and a jiu-Jitsu manager, and Lady Tewkesbury.

Books by Enola Holmes

If you want to start with a topic in Enola Holmes books before Netflix releases this fix, don't use it.
The mysteries of Enola Holmes, by American author Nancy Springer, have six volumes:

The case of the lost Marques
The Lady case
The Story of Unusual Flowers
The Case of the Unique Pink Follower
Cryptic Crinoline case
Gypsy Goodbye Case
However, if you would like to read the series's resources - Sherlock Holmes' Arthur Conan Doyle's novels - you can purchase his full work on Amazon.
Enola Holme's movie release date is expected to be released on Netflix in September 2020. Check out our list of the best Netflix programs and best movies on Netflix.

Enola Holmes movie trailer release date

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Tik tok alternative | Chinese apps Best alternative

Browser cookies
Browser cookies

Cookies are a type of file which store in our device these files save those data which we browse on the internet, these cookies help us to open the website very fast because when we open the same site again and again then the detail of this site store in the form cookies in our device and when we reopen this site than this cookie helps to open this site in a fast way

 Advantages of cookies

(a) The cookies of the site increase the speed of the device when we re-open the site because all the data is store in the temporary form in our device

(b) If we want to improve the browsing then we need to enable cookies because there are many small files are stored in the form of cookies which improve the experience of browsing

Disadvantages of cookies

There are many disadvantages to the cookies which are discuss in below
(a) The cookies of the site are not in the encrypted form (code form) so third party can access this cookie's data and miss use this file

(b) If we add our personal detail on the different site than we do not need to enable cookies of the site because any third party can use this personal data and steal our information

How to delete cookies from Chrome/Google browser

Chrome browser save the cookies in our device if we want to delete this cookie then we can do it, to delete the cookies from the browser first of all, we go to the chrome browser  and click on the three-dotted lines after this process we see the setting option so just click on it

After click on the setting option, we see a new page where we Click on the Advance setting option after this we see the clear cookies option so just click on this option than all the cookies file will be permanently delete from the phone and when we re-open the website then it looks like new

How to delete cookies from Firefox

The cookies deletion process of the Firefox browser is different from other to do this process, first of all, we go to the Firefox the browser here we click on the three lines after this we click on the option then we click on the privacy option after this process we see remove cookies option so after a click on it all the cookies of the device is deleted and when we open any site then it looks like the new version


If we working banking work on the device then we not allow to cookies on the device otherwise, it may be harmful to us and the future any person miss use this cookie against us
The cookies of the different site not in the encrypted form so we not give permission to store in our device
The cookies file contain our ID, password, card detail, location, language, IP address, Device name, Link which we serve so we not allow saving cookie because in the some of the cases in may be dangerous for us the cookies of the site only improve the browsing experience and speed of the device so it is not more important than our personal detail so we not need to allow it in our device

What are cookies | Advantages and disadvantages | Clear chrome cookies

Cryptography definition their algorithm types and keys

Cryptography is a method which is used to convert a plain text into ciphertext, if you do not know what is Plane text and cipher text then we explain it in the short form in the below of the article.

The cryptography is used over the large in the networking because when we send file and data from one place to another place with the help of the internet then fear in our mind to lose this data so to overcome this difficulty cryptography has used this method to convert our important data into the machine language.

So after the converting, this code is not readable and no any third party can miss using this data when we convert plain text into cipher the text then this code is called encrypted code and when we convert this encrypted code into plain text then this process is called decryption.

Plain Text

It is the normal text or sentence which are used to communicate with the people this text is readable, this text may be our local language and with the help of the text, we can write letters, applications, etc.
Ex- English, Hindi, German, French, and other languages.

Cipher Text

In the cryptography ciphertext is one of the most important part, this is the coded text which is not read this text is made by with the help of powerful computers this ciphertext is decoded by only authorizing people.

Types of ciphertext

There are two types of ciphertext
(a) Transposition cipher
(b) Substation cipher

(a) Transposition cipher

Under the transposition cipher, the whole text is first of all analyzed by the computers and then it converts into ciphertext but in the transposition ciphertext the position of the text or characters are replaces by the computers and all information about this conversion is save on the file this file is called is key and only this key is able to decode the ciphertext.

If we have no key of the given ciphertext then we cannot convert this ciphertext into plain text so to save our data after converting into ciphertext, we save this program key on the authorize place

Substitution cipher.

If we replace the plane text with another word, letters, character or by a mixture of words then this type of ciphertext is called substitution cipher this ciphertext looks like as transposition but it is not same because in the transpose cipher the character will be the same and there the position will be change but in the substitution cipher the text is replaced by another text so all the format of the plane text will be totally changed.

After the substation cipher, the given code is decrypted (decode) by only those method which is used to encrypt it, the decryption of code is doing with the help of keys, the information of these keys is taken secret because if these keys are going to another third party then they steal our data when we send it.

Properties of Cryptography

There are many properties of cryptography which are discussed below
(1) After the encryption of plain text, it is not user friendly so its method is to secure our data.
(2) This method is provided confidentially (Not access by the third party) of our data.
(3) After the encryption of data, it will decode by only authorize people

Some main facts about cryptography

If we send data to the receiver directly then fear in our the mind always being that if this data is hacked by any person then our important information will be leak and this data may be miss-used by the hacker so most of the networking system, cryptography is used.

After the encryption of data the security of data is increase and if some cases any other person steals this encrypted data then it is not able to decode it because for the decode of this data a key is required which has only authorize people so this method keeps our data safe.

There are many algorithms that are used for the encryption of data this algorithm changes according to the time so this is another main feature of the cryptography because this algorithm is not same always so it pervaded our network security.

Process for encryption of the plain text

First of all plain text converted into numerical form and when it converts into numerical there are many rules that are applied to convert it the all conversion is saved on keys after the converting into ciphertext this data is sent to the receiver when receiver access this cipher code they convert this code into a plane and use their work.

Cryptography definition their algorithm types and keys

Is cache memory
cache for website

Cache memory is a hardware base memory which helps us to store temporary data of the different apps, because when we run the application or any program than there are many processes that are the same so the system save this process in the cache memory and we re-open this app then it will open too fast

The cache memory of the device is very important so a particular place is located to this cache memory if the caches of some apps are save on the memory than it will open fast and instantly react because all the process which are used to run this application are saved in the cache memory

If we remove our cache memory from the device which is not technically possible then our device are response quickly and when we run programs or apps than in will not open fast because the running process is not save any other so to open particular apps the system do all process to run this application

So to overcome this difficulty we use cache memory and take a particular location on the board, this caches memory do work faster than RAM and some of the time it works 3 times faster than of RAM so it plays an important role in our device

Browser cache data

When we access the same webpage on the browser than a temporary data of this webpage is store on the cache memory and when we re-browse this webpage then this temporarily saved webpage help us to open the site very fast

Effect on the device after deleting cache data

When we remove all cache data from the device than our phone, open the apps or another program very slow because all the temporary data of this app are deleted so the device open that app from starting so it takes to open more time

If we have sufficient storage then we do not need to try clean cache data from the device otherwise our programs will be taken more time to open, if our main storage totally full or our phone hang up than some the particular case we can clean all the cache data and delete all cache data after this process our all apps refresh

Difference between cache data or app data

The app data is the main data of the app and it contains all the codes which are programmed on this app when we delete the data of the app then it will not work properly and give some errors but caches data is not permanently data it creates when we open the apps and if we delete this data than our apps will be refresh

How to delete caches data from the device

If we want to delete cache data from the phone then we can do it, the deleting process of the cache of the different phone are different but in this article, we talk you that method which is common most of the devices so to follow this instruction

First of all, go to the setting and find the storage section, in the storage, we see the clear cache option after clicking on this option all the cache data removed from the device but we not recommended you to clear your cache data from the phone because it helps us to open the files, folder or another apps fast and improve the speed of the device so we do not need to try delete the cache memory

What is cache memory and clear cache from chrome

What is Google Analytics?

Google analytic dashboard
Google Analytics

Goggle Analytics is an online tool which helps us to generate the reports of website, Blog, Digital marketing and another platform this tool is widely use to see the user experience on a different platform, for our desire we use this tool for online marketing or offline marketing.

Working of Google Analytic

The algorithm of the google analytic is changed according to the time and some new features are added according to the present time this the tool continuously upgrades their algorithm, But according to the expert this tool working on the basis of three give platforms which is discussed below.

Collect Data to analyze the given platform

Data collection is one of the most important parts of the Google analytics because without any data it cannot generates reports and not give their solution, it is the common science without any data how this tool generates the reports of the Website, Blog, or any other platform.

To analyze the website or Blog, first of all, we create a google analytics account and added our site on this tool, To doing this process we need a javascript which provided by this tool so we can just copy and paste this java code on the site where this tool says after this process our google analytics tools are ready to analyze the website and generate their reports.

The given Java code is a tracking code it tracks all the activity which is doing on the site this code is very small in size and east to past on the site to their original position, this java code track user as well as Admin activities on the site such as who user come on the site and how many posts this user read and where this user click on the site so according these reports which we can easily optimize the site and make it user friendly This java code is also tracking the user behavior, languages which mobile are used and which operating system is working on the device.

Compile of data

After collecting data from different sources an process is doing to generate the reports about this data this process is called compiling, the compilation process is a very necessary process to analyze this collecting data, the competition process of different data are different and this process is doing stepwise.

The compilation process of the google analytic is automatic and we cannot modify this process are pre-design into the google analytic tool.

Generates the Reports

After the compilation and collecting of data from different sources this tool give us reports, on the basis of this reports we can modify the site according to our desire and increase more traffic on the site this the tool is basically used to see the user experience on different platform and improve our site, this tool is easily available on the app form and we use us this tool in the desktop version because desktop version of this tool is too advance and we have gained some additional properties

What is Google Analytic and working process

What is Hard disk

Hard disk partition
Storage of hard drive

The hard disk is a storage device which keeps our files for the long time, this hard disk is one of the most important components of the computer without the hard disk we cannot store any data on the computer or PC.

This hard disk on the principle of magnetism because due to the magnetism ability of the hard disk it can store data without the any external power, when we turn off the device then this data will not delete, the storage data of the hard disk is contained for a long time and it will be lost when our hard disk will be corrupted or broken

In the hard disk, a circular disk has placed this plate made generally for aluminium, the circular metal plate is called platter, to make this patter for storing device coating on it with platinum, nickel, cobalt etc.

After the coating of Nickel, cobalt and platinum on the platter (circular disk) this plate work as magnetising disk and able to store data, after this process we coating of carbon on this device to make it smooth, when this disk is completely made than this platter is able to spin on their axis with the help of electric motors the speed of this plate is general 5000+ rpm the speed of the platter plate depends on the device

When the platter is rotating on their shell then a component is attached to this platter which read the information on it, this component is called Header, in the hard disk generally two headers are used one is top of the platter and another is below of the platter but in the expensive hard disk there are more header is attached to this hard drive to read the codes on the platter this header is able to scan the data on the platter

Types of Hard Disk

There are mainly 6 types of the hard disk which are classified on their colour and every hard disk are different from other, Every colour have their definite meaning  so we know this in detail in the below

WD (western digital) Blue

This device is made for commercial work such as file storage of Ms word, Excel, PowerPoint, Audio, Video etc the storage capacity of the hard disk is 500GB to 6TB this is the general hard disk and most of the computers are using this hard disk

WD (Western Digital) Black

If we do advance work on the PC we recommended you to use black hard disk because this hard disk support fast process on the computer, if we do working on video editing, audio mixing and other advance work then not only processor and motherboard is responsible to do work fast, but the hard disk is also another most important part to doing this work if we do not choose the best drive for our PC we face some problems when we working on the computer these problems are small but they consume our time too must so if our work is technical and we use our PC for technical work than we use best Hard disk for our PC, the storage capacity of this black hard disk is 500GB to 6TB

WD (Western Digital) Green

This Hard disk is not used over the large scale on the computers because this hard disk is being slow the computers and not support the Operating system properly, this green Hard disk is used generally for secondary storage so we do not see this green hard disk on the computers, this hard the disk is less costly with respect to another device because this is used only for secondary storage in this Disk, our data is saved for a long time because it does not participate in another work on the computer

WD (western digital) Purple

This hard disk is made to store a large amount of data and working 24 hours, these hard disk is used on the CCTV camera because on the CCTV camera all the recording data is continuously saved on the drives so we need a hard disk which we take working to 24 hours so this device are made to keep in mind the storage capacity of this hard disk is 500GB to 10 TB this the device is not made for the general-purpose if we use this hard disk for the general-purpose than we can face some problems on our PC

WD (western digital) Red

This Hard disk is used in networking because in the networking there are many user access single data to stop the crash of hard disk drive this red hard disk is used this device is made to keep in mind that there are many people are accessing this hard disk, this is an only readable disk and used in the server, the storage capacity of this hard disk is 750GB to 10TB.

WD (western digital) Gold

This hard disk stores a very large amount of data, this disk do read and write both works so it is costly and use this disk in the data centre to store the information of the people, Most of the Telecom company, Banks and other organizations are used this hard disk the storage capacity of the this the hard disk is 1TB to 12TB, in this disk our data is safe for a long time and not easily corrupt so most of the people prefer this hard disk for their quality

Hard Disk partition problem | Types and storage

how ping ip address | Definition and detail check
Summary of ping

The full form of ping is packet internet gopher it is used to check the internet quality between two devices or PC this is a troubleshooting a tool which can use many types to check the network quality between two devices or another device
How ping is works

To understand the working procedure of the ping in the simple language we can take an example to suppose we need to communicate with another person who lives very far for us so when we communicate with this a person with the help of internet messaging or call then our voice or text the message goes to that person and according to the sending message that person is response.

When both people communicate with each other then there are some time consuming to send or receive messages, the difference between two a person is depending on many  factors generally, this time or internet quality is calculated in the form of ping
Different facts of the ping

Summary of ping

When two computers or device are transferring their data then to check the connectivity or another detail or this device, ping is taken in use, To check the ping of the system device do much procedure first of all it send a packet of data and receive this data again.

When this data comes again on this computer then either all the data packet is the same as the sending data or the receive data may have less data packet these difference is due to connectivity between devices, According to the system default setting, there are four data packet is sent and receive by the system and check the connectivity of the network and generate a report of the ping.

Loop Backtesting

This is a method to check the connection between the devices, to doing this process, first of all, we check our device and generate the reports that our device is able to connect another device under this section we check our NIC (network interface card) or other connection tools.

To check our device is able to connect another device first of all go to the CMD (command prompt) and type ping and enter after this process we see a message which is TTL, if this message is showing after doing the above process then our device is able to connect another device, the given number is called loopback address this address is fixed.

After doing all the above process our device is getting ready to communicate to another device so we connect another device with the help of wire or wireless, after this the process we go to again CMD and type ping and IP address of the another device such as ping  and press enter key
if we see a TTL message after entering then our device is connected to another device and able to check ping of the device if this TTL message is not shown then it is not device fault, this fault come on due to wire or connector or the device

Error Report and message

If our device is not connected properly with another device then it shows two types of the error message so we can easily see the detail about the disconnection and fix it easily these messages are given as below
(a) Requested time out
(b) Destination host unreachable

(a) Requested time out

This message is coming due to the physical issue of the device such as wire, connector, NIC and another component if these issues are being on the device then our device is not working properly connect with another device, if this error is exit the data packet is not properly send or receive by the device

(b) Destination host out

This message is shown by the device when the device is off, broken and does not exist, when we ping requested to another device then due to this reason it cannot connect to the device to solve this problem we check all connection and solve their issues


The full form of ICMP is internet control message protocol, when we send a data packet to another device and receive data packet of another the device then these ICMP is shown the detail about the connection on the screen, if this ICMP is removed from the device then we not see any detail of the ping, if we do not see any detail of the ping then it is not only due to ICMP thee details are sometimes not shown by the device due to the firewall of the device because in some cases the firewall is blocking the ping information of the device.

how ping ip address | Definition and detail check

Transformer types and oil name | Construction and working

                                                        Step-up Transformer

The transformer is a device which is used to increase and decrease the voltage, this transfer is used only for AC current and the transformer is work on the Electromagnetic induction principle there are many parts are required to make a transfer which is discussed as below but before the discuss the different parts we read that how many types of transformer and their working.

Types of Transformer

There are mainly two types of the transformer which are discuss as below
(a) Step-up Transformer
(b) Step-down Transformer

(a) Step-up Transformer

This transformer is used to increase the voltage, In the transformer there are two coils are winding on the opposite of the iron core if you do not know what is core then we discuss this topic below but first of I all understand this problem.

In the Step-up transformer there are two coils, one coil is used for input and another is used for output, the input coil is called primary coil and the output coil is called the secondary coil, the number of turns in the primary coil is less with respect to a secondary coil in the step-up transformer.

(b) Step-down Transformer

This transformer is used to decrease the voltage of input, This transformer is similar to the step-down transformer but the number of turns in the primary coil is more than a secondary coil so the working process of this transformer is different from another transformer.

Construction of Transformer

To make a transfer there are many components are used we discuss the whole transformer in detail step by step, first of all, we know about those components which are most important for transformer these detail are given as below.

The core of the Transformer 

The core is one of the most important parts of the transformer because the wire is wrapped at core itself, this core is made by soft iron and this core is not solid material, this core is made by large number soft iron strips and these strips are joined to each other and design the whole core.

These strips are joined to each other by applying burnishes because these burnishes are reduce the effect of eddy current and no empty space left after burnishes if you do not know what is eddy current then we explain it in short form the eddy current is that current which opposes the main current.

Winding in the transformer

The wrapping of the wire on the core is called winding, without the winding the transformer cannot exist because these winding is doing to increase and decrease the voltage, these winding is doing on the core of two opposite side the first side is called the primary coil and another is called secondary coil, this coil is separate from the core and not touch the surface of core directly, we place a nonconducting material between coil and core.


The take of the transformer is another most important part because in the tank the wire wrapped core is placed this tank looks like as box, after the placing core inside the tank, this tank is filled with oil and this oil is called Nepthaoil, it is a high-density oil which is filled most of the transformer.

Expansion Tank

This is the secondary tank on the transformer when the transformer is heated then its oil is expended but inside the tank the space is limited so an expansion tank is included on the transformer this expansion tank is directly connect to the main tank and help the main tank when its oil expands, this the expansion tank is used to fill the oil in the transformer.

Transformer oil

The Nepthaoil is used in the transformer we use this oil as two types first of all this oil decrease the effect of eddy current and another is that it is used to reduce the temperature of the transformer because when transformer is on Running condition they produce a large amount of current so to cool it we use this Nepthaoil inside the tank.

Terminal and bushing of the transformer

In the transformer for input and output voltage the bushing is used it is also called as terminal the input bush is bigger than outer bush, the input bush is placed over the high voltage and according to condition the outer terminal of the transformer is set, the outer terminal voltage is set according to the area requirement but at the input terminal, there are large The amount of voltage is set.

Buchholz Relay

Buchholz Relay is work as a switch in the transformer, it is a temperature based switch which is work on mercury because the mercury-based device is one of the best device which gives us the correct information about the temperature of the transformer so most of the transformer this Buchholz Relay is used, this the device is placed between the tank and the expansion tank.

When the temperature of the transformer is increased then this Buchholz Relay has measured the temperature of the transformer and when the temperature is goes to their limitation then they cut off the connection and the current is stop to flow through the transformer and when the transformer is reached their normal condition the this Buchholz Relay is set their normal condition so we can say this device is playing an important role inside the transformer.

Breather of the Transformer

Breather s another most important element of the transformer because it is used to supply the fresh air inside the expansion tank, The expansion tank of the transformer is half-filled with the oil so on another half section air is filled but it is a condition that inside the expansion tank only those air are filled which have no any moisturizer and no dust particle so breather is made to keeping in mind no moisturizer and dust particle is enter inside the expansion tank.

So to stop the moisturizer we use a gel particle these gel is called silica get and this gel is able to absorb the moisturizer from the air, To stop the dust particle an oil section is set on the breather this oil is stop the dust particle and passes the dust-free air so the complete breather is work as a fresh air provider inside the expansion tank.

Explosion valve

This valve helps the transformer to remove the oil form the tank when it is overheated, Because some of the cases if the Buchholz Relay of the transformer is not working and the temperature of the transformer is an increase above of the limitation layer then this valve is removed all the oil inside the tank and cool it, the face of the explosion valve is made with soft metal so when the temperature reaches up to maximum then this help to remove the oil.

Radiator (cooling tube)

The radiator of the transformer is used to cool the transformer, inside the radiator there are many small pipes is used when the transformer is heated than this pipe is filled with the oil which is inside the tank, after the reaching of the hot oil in the pipe this oil is cool down and after this process the oil is going to the main tank of the transformer.

Transformer types and oil name | Construction and working

What is Bitcoin and creating process | properties | Legal or illegal

Bitcoin is a virtual currency which is used to transfer their from one place to another place without any bank effort, Bitcoin is not a real currency and we do not see this currency in the coin or note form, this virtual currency is available only online this currency is developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

How do we create Bitcoin

 We can create this currency with the help of computers but this computer may be too powerful and follow the instruction to producing this currency, To produce a Bitcoin there are a many calculations are needed so it is not an easy process to produce there are many organizations that are working to produce this Bitcoin because it is a tough process to produce it.

Bitcoin is legal or illegal

There are many countries which have declared that Bitcoin is legal but some of the countries are not declared that this is the legal currency because there are many exceptions that are included on this currency so many counters are not accept this currency if we take that which counter accept this currency is legal than the length of the article is increase.

To  gain the knowledge that is Bitcoin is legal or illegal in your country the go to any browser and search the country and type that in this country Bitcoin is legal or illegal after this process, we easily know Bitcoins legal or illegal in your country.

Properties of Bitcoin

(a) Bitcoin is a virtual currency so there is no fear to a loss this currency we can mine this currency with powerful computers

(b) If we want to send money in the form of Bitcoin then we can do it easily, there are no bank effort is required to send this money from one place to another place.

(c) When we send money through the Bitcoin then all the detail are available such as how this Bitcoin is created and how this is transfer to another person so there are many details that are available for the transaction of Bitcoin so it shows transparency.

(d) There are a limited amount of Bitcoin are created these a number are 21 million when Satoshi Nakamoto developed this Bitcoin than it was the mansion that only limited Bitcoin exists.

(e) The Bitcoin exists in the coding form and there are millions of calculation are doing to encrypt this data and the decrypt process of this code is too hard only limited organization are doing to decrypt this code, During the decryption of code there are many powerful computers are required which normally cannot afford so this code is not hacked by the hackers and this is totally saved.

What is Bitcoin and creating process | properties | Legal or illegal

How to increase internet speed ?

Increase internet speed and check internet explorer
Increase internet speed and check internet explorer 

If we face slow internet on our mobile or another device then follow the given result you can improve your internet speed on your device in this article we discuss all the facts about the phone which is the most big reason to slow the internet speed.

So just read all the setting in the detail and configure according to your device and improve your internet speed these setting and trick are discussed as below.

Remove unnecessary apps or unused app

If we have install to many apps than it is the one of the biggest reason to decrease the speed of internet because when we using the phone then these apps are run in background and consume too many internet data so our internet speed and phone performance are decrease.

So to solve this problem we can uninstall unused apps and improve internet speed this trick is really work and most of the user follow this tips to improve their internet speed because when apps run on background it consume phone RAM and internet so after the uninstall we can free of this problem so you can use this tips for better result.

Remove widgets from phone

If we active many widgets on our home screen the it may be another reason to decrease our internet speed because this widgets use internet data to take upgrade so if we have no necessary these widgets the we can remove it and improve mobile internet speed these widgets show many detail such as Date and time, Weather information and another updates so they consume data and slow down our phone, for the best experience of internet we have not use unnecessary widgets.

Disable Synchronization (sync)  

If the synchronization of the Gmail account is enable then it will decrease the internet speed of the mobile phone because when we turn on the sync of the phone then our data is storage online so during this process internet data is consume so during the synchronization process our internet speed is less because our data is using on the uploading of our detail on the online.

If we not want to save our personal data or any other information online then we will turn off this setting then our data is not using on the synchronization process and speed of the internet is increase.

Use Advertisement (ads) blocker apps

In our mobile phone there are many apps which show ads on their home screen, these ads are also the reason to decrease the speed of internet because when we run this application then these ads consume internet data than our data is not use properly on our working app so to increase the speed of internet we can use ads blocker app.

These ads blocker apps are easily available on play store or another app store so just install these apps on the basis of star rating, after the installing the ads blocker we give to permission which they apps are required after this process we can see the effect of this ads blocker app and our internet speed is increasing by this process.

Delete caches data of the apps

When we using internet on the mobile phone then there are many apps are running on the background so a cache data is save of the phone, if we use internet for the long time then the size of cache data will be increase and this data is directly effect to the internet so after some time interval we can delete this cache data from the phone after this process we see better result on phone.

The removing of caches data is a very easy process if you not know this process then we describe about this topic so just remove your caches data first of all go to the setting of the phone and click on the storage section here we can see the option of remove cache data so click on the button and remove all cache data from phone.

We can remove the cache data of some apps which use internet to do this process go to the setting and click on the apps here we click on the those app which apps has cache data, after the click on the apps we see the remove cache data from phone option so do this process then the cache data of this app will be remove.

Use lite apps on phone

If our phone has low RAM then we not use higher apps because these app decrease the phone performance there are many apps are available on original version and their lite version these apps are Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The lite apps are very useful for the mobile so we can recommended you to use lite apps of different apps the lite apps are using less internet data and use less resources of the mobile so lite apps are god for the mobile.

Change APN setting of the mobile

The APN setting of the mobile is one of the most important setting, these APN setting are different for different internet provider so we can configure these APN setting according to their area but in the phone some APN setting are default available on the SIM but most of the cases these default setting are not provided better internet on the phone so many people are configure these default setting according their area.

If you not want what is APN and how they work to improve internet speed then just click on the link and see all detail of APN.

Change DNS server

If we use internet to access the different site than we required their IP address, to find the IP of different sites we use DNS server, this server  help us to find the different site IP address, if at the same time most of the people this site then this site is not easily access due to load on it so to access this site we use DNS server, this DNA server app are easily available on play store or any other app store this app help us to change the DNS server.

Reboot the system

At the end of we talk you that if you follow all the instruction which are discuss above then you will find better internet speed on your phone but at the end of you will reboot or switch off your device and then run this device after this process your device do better work.

Increase internet speed and check internet explorer

Keyboard working | Types | Shortcut keys and symbols

The keyboard is one of the most important input devices of the computer most of the windows based computer keyboard contains 104 keys on his surface but this result may be different on the different keyboard due to some other additional keys

 With the help of the keyboard, we give much instruction to the computer and they give us response according to our input instruction, the meaning of the keyboard is that the board which contain many buttons on his surface

When we have no any computer devices than to send the messages we use pen and paper  and write a message then it will post this method is not used on the present time because this method is taken more time so we use not this method but at the present time we just type of any message with the help of keyboard and send this message any person which we want.

Types of keyboard

There are many types of a keyboard according to different book, blog, website but in this article, we classified keyboard on three bases
(a) Connection base keyboard
(b) Application base keyboard
(c) Size base keyboard

(a) Connection base keyboard

PS/2 keyboard

The full form of PS/2 is personal system/2, it is a wire base connecting keyboard but at the present time this PS/2 the port base keyboard does not use because this type of keyboard is not connected to another device so this keyboard does not use, we have another best an alternative to this keyboard, nowadays most of the keyboard is USB port base because this keyboard is connecting to the laptop or another device so this the keyboard is used over the large scale

Wireless keyboard

This is another type of keyboard under this keyboard, we have no need to any wire to connect this keyboard to the computer so it is easy to use but this keyboard is slow and costly so many people do not prefer to this computer, the wireless keyboards need a battery to start and connect to the computer so this is the big reason most of the people are not use this computer

(b) Application base keyboard

Basic keyboard

This is the most common keyboard for the computer, in this keyboard only basic key is included which user is using for their work in this keyboard no any external keys are provided by the manufacturer
Multimedia keyboard

This is also a basic type keyboard but in this keyboard, some key are added these key are called multimedia key and the keyboard is called multimedia keyboard with the help of these keys we can volume change and audio change

Gaming keyboard

This keyboard are designed for only gamers this board is more costly with respect to another computer but the performance and quality of  this keyboard is more than with other, this keyboard is run for a long time and its button pressing strength is good so this keyboard is like by the gamers

Special keyboard

This keyboard is designed only for a specific company or industry because at this place only limited work are done with the help of keyboard so only needed keys are added into the board and make this keyboard

(c) Size base keyboard

Under this section there are many types of keyboard are included which are discussed as below

104 Button keyboard

This is a general keyboard we see this the keyboard on the different places

10 keyless keyboard

In this keyboard the extra numerical keys are not included so the size of this board is decreased this the keyboard we found on the laptop generally

Micro keyboard

This is also a keyboard we see this board on the mobile phone or another small device the working process of this the keyboard is the same as general computer keyboards

Laser keyboard

This keyboard is the new generation keyboard the working process of this keyboard is the same as other keyboard but in this keyboard a laser producer device is used and this device creates virtually the keyboard on the surface but this keyboard is used by limited people due to some problems, now this keyboard is available only beta version only

Different types of Keys on the keyboard

There are following types of keys are found on the keyboard which are discussed as below

Alphabet keys

These keys are the most important keys on the keyboard because with the help of this keys we type of any letter or article on the computer so this is important keys these keys are ‘A, B, C, ..................Z

Numerical keys

This is another most important keys on the keyboard because without these keys we cannot type any numbers on the screen or we not able to do the calculation on the computer so these keys are an important part of the keyboard

Special keys

These keys are not used directly on the keyboard these keys are helping keys we use these key to do some specific work these keys are used in combine form these keys are Shift, Ctrl, Alt, etc

Functional keys

These keys are given on the top row of the keyboard there are 12 keys are included in the function keys the working process of every  key is different we also, use these keys with a combination of another key just as to turn OFF the computer we use Alt+F4 key

Direction keys

These keys are included on the keyboard to up and down the page this work we also do with the help of mouse but when we use a keyboard and we need to page up or page down the with the help of these direction keys, we can do it.

Punctuation keys

These keys are places on the right of Alphabet keys there are many keys are included under these keys such as : “ < > ? / these keys are used when we type or make a presentation

Command keys

These keys are used to give some command on the computer under this section there are some keys are included which is Esc, Enter, Backspace, Del, etc

Keyboard working | Types | Shortcut keys and symbols

Nuclear Physics

The atomic nucleus is discovered by Rutherford Experiment, in the atom electrons are move around the nucleus but nucleus cannot move they take their original position, in this article but talk about the nucleus and their property

Classification of nucleus

On the basis of elements inside the nucleus they are classified into following types


When two or more element have their same Atomic number ‘Z’ but different in mass ‘A’ then they are called isotopes, there are many elements in the periodic table which show isotopes property


If two or more atoms take same atomic mass but different is atomic number then it is called isobaric, in the periodic table different elements are shown isobaric property


When two or more atoms have contain same number of neutron then they are called isotones
Important property of Nucleus

Nuclear size

Nuclear Physics
Nuclear Physics

The size of different element in the periodic are different when we goes left to right then size of the atoms is increases because when we go to left to right in the period the number of electron and proton in the atoms is increases so size is decrease due to attraction force

When we goes to top to bottom in any group of periodic table then size of the atom is increases this is due to increase the number of shell in the atoms

Rutherford do many experiment to find the size of nucleus, he working on the scattering of alpha particle on different element and he find that the order of the nucleus of the atom is 10-14 to 10-15 meters and the whole atoms is the order of 10-10 meters so we can say that the nucleus is 10,000 times smaller than atom on the basis of different experiment Rutherford give the general formula to find the size of atoms.
Where ‘R’ is the radius of atoms, ‘ro’ is the constant and ‘A’ is the atomic mass of the element

Nucleus mass

The nucleus of the atoms is consist neutron and proton so we can say that the mass of the nucleus is the sum of the masses of neutron and proton but in real the mass of nucleus is less than addition of masses of neutron and proton this is called mass defect

Nuclear Physics