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Cryptography definition their algorithm types and keys

Cryptography is a method which is used to convert a plain text into ciphertext, if you do not know what is Plane text and cipher text then we explain it in the short form in the below of the article.

The cryptography is used over the large in the networking because when we send file and data from one place to another place with the help of the internet then fear in our mind to lose this data so to overcome this difficulty cryptography has used this method to convert our important data into the machine language.

So after the converting, this code is not readable and no any third party can miss using this data when we convert plain text into cipher the text then this code is called encrypted code and when we convert this encrypted code into plain text then this process is called decryption.

Plain Text

It is the normal text or sentence which are used to communicate with the people this text is readable, this text may be our local language and with the help of the text, we can write letters, applications, etc.
Ex- English, Hindi, German, French, and other languages.

Cipher Text

In the cryptography ciphertext is one of the most important part, this is the coded text which is not read this text is made by with the help of powerful computers this ciphertext is decoded by only authorizing people.

Types of ciphertext

There are two types of ciphertext
(a) Transposition cipher
(b) Substation cipher

(a) Transposition cipher

Under the transposition cipher, the whole text is first of all analyzed by the computers and then it converts into ciphertext but in the transposition ciphertext the position of the text or characters are replaces by the computers and all information about this conversion is save on the file this file is called is key and only this key is able to decode the ciphertext.

If we have no key of the given ciphertext then we cannot convert this ciphertext into plain text so to save our data after converting into ciphertext, we save this program key on the authorize place

Substitution cipher.

If we replace the plane text with another word, letters, character or by a mixture of words then this type of ciphertext is called substitution cipher this ciphertext looks like as transposition but it is not same because in the transpose cipher the character will be the same and there the position will be change but in the substitution cipher the text is replaced by another text so all the format of the plane text will be totally changed.

After the substation cipher, the given code is decrypted (decode) by only those method which is used to encrypt it, the decryption of code is doing with the help of keys, the information of these keys is taken secret because if these keys are going to another third party then they steal our data when we send it.

Properties of Cryptography

There are many properties of cryptography which are discussed below
(1) After the encryption of plain text, it is not user friendly so its method is to secure our data.
(2) This method is provided confidentially (Not access by the third party) of our data.
(3) After the encryption of data, it will decode by only authorize people

Some main facts about cryptography

If we send data to the receiver directly then fear in our the mind always being that if this data is hacked by any person then our important information will be leak and this data may be miss-used by the hacker so most of the networking system, cryptography is used.

After the encryption of data the security of data is increase and if some cases any other person steals this encrypted data then it is not able to decode it because for the decode of this data a key is required which has only authorize people so this method keeps our data safe.

There are many algorithms that are used for the encryption of data this algorithm changes according to the time so this is another main feature of the cryptography because this algorithm is not same always so it pervaded our network security.

Process for encryption of the plain text

First of all plain text converted into numerical form and when it converts into numerical there are many rules that are applied to convert it the all conversion is saved on keys after the converting into ciphertext this data is sent to the receiver when receiver access this cipher code they convert this code into a plane and use their work.

Cryptography definition their algorithm types and keys

What is Router 

Router different ports
Router definition

The router is an electronic device which is used to split the modem signal into different parts because when the internet comes on the modem then there are only one IP address is attached to this data so to split this we use Router

If we want to use many devices to the help of router then we can do it, The router is able to connect two or more devices it is used in basically LAN and WAN network, this router help us to find the best path to reach our website so our work will be fast.

On the internet, there are many ways to reach a particular but if we use a router in our networking then it helps us to reach our desire site our WebPages very less time the router base technology is more costly with respect to Switch or Hub networking these router also help to stop the unwanted traffic on our device so it is another reason than when we use router then our device is working fast.

Working on Router

It is an internet-based device which helps us to connect two or more different IP address devices,, most of the router is Operating system based so they work very smartly, the router manages all the connection which is connected to this device

The router is accessed only digital signal and split this signal into different parts when they split this signal then every part have their particular IP and we said this IP is a gateway IP address, the different devices are connected to the router with the help of this gateway IP.

Classification of Router

There are mainly two types of Router which are given as below

(a) Fixed Router

These routers are not used over the large scale because this the router provided only limited facilities so most of the user are not prefer this router, in this type of routers there are no extra ports are available to configure this router but in the new modern router new ports are available which help us to configure the default setting of the router and improve the performance of router

In the fixed routers we cannot add any interface cards so this is another big reason most of the person nor use this router, we cannot upgrade this router.

(b) Modulator Router

This is the advance version of fixed routers, in this routers there are many new ports and features are included which improve the quality of the router so these routers are used over the large scale, in the modulator router some new slots and other important ports are added so we attached external cards on the router and configure the default setting of the router.

Types of ports on the Router

There are basically three types of ports are included on the router which is given as below

(a) LAN Ports

If we connect many devices through a particular server then we use this LAN (Local area network) port, we connect the compute to the server with wire or wireless this router are supporting both of the feature, in the LAN ports there are some port are included which are given as below.

Ethernet port
Fast Ethernet port
Gig Ethernet port

(b) WAN ports

If we communicate over the large distance then we use WAN network the rang of the WAN network is above the 1km so it is widely used and with the help of this network, we connect router to router and transfer their data, in the router these ports are called serial port and these ports maybe 60 pin or 26 pins.

(c) Administrator Port

 In the router the LAN and WAN ports are used to transfer their data from one place to another place but the administrator port is not used to transfer the data, these ports are use to configure the routers and give the commands to the router.

Router vs access point | Setting of ports

Accessibility in android and important feature

Accessibility to healthcare
Accessibility in android and important feature

The meaning of accessibility is access+ability, in the simple language we can say that with the help of accessibility option we can do many things on the phone or computer which can not direct accessible, some of the mobile phone which provides many option which is direct access, but some of the phones this feature is not direct accessible so we can not do our work fast, so to overcome this difficulty we use accessibility option to do many things fast.

In the accessibility option there are many feature are available which help us to design our phone our desire level this option is also help to improve the services of the device and provide the development of of some feature in this article we know about some important feature of the accessibility option, In the mobile phones some devices are taken this feature and some devices are not taken this feature but be talk you that those feature which taken most of the devices

Text to speech

This is the most common feature of the accessibility option this feature help us to convert the text file into the speech file, if some of the person which are not able to see the text on the books then we can convert this text into speech and tell those which hear this speech

Magnification gesture

This is another important feature of the accessibility option because some of the devices are not provided zoom in and zoom out option directly so overcome this difficulty we use magnification gesture option which help us to zoom in and zoom out on the web pages and any other area on the device, This feature we can access in different type in different devices but most most of the devices we can find it to following steps, to enable this option first of all go to the setting and click on the accessibility in this option there are many option are provided but we click on the vision option, after this process a new page will be open and this page we click on the magnification gesture/ magnification option and enable this option after this process when we double tap on the phone then device will be zoom

Talk Back

This feature is found on the most of android devices, this feature is made for blind user and those people which do not see properly after enabling this option the phone will be slow and when we click any option then a voice speech we here then we do our work to following voice instruction, To enable this feature first of go to the phone setting and click on the accessibility option here we click on the Talk back option, after this process the talk back option will be activated and working condition, to deactivate this option we press upper and lower volume button for a 3-5 second then this feature will be deactivated, To completely deactivate this option we go to the accessibility and off the talk back option after this process the Talk option will be completely deactivated.

Direct access

This feature is most common on the accessibility option, with the help of this option we will access any option directly from pressing home button, to enable this option go to setting and click on the accessibility, here we find direct access option and enable this option after this process a new page will be open and here we choose those option which we want to direct access by pressing home button.

Accessibility in android and important feature