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What is computer processor definition | Types and core in processor
Computer processor

What is the computer processor?

A processor is a hardware device which calculates a large number of calculation and give their result to the user, in the other word a process is an electronic device which responds when we give them instruction, this processor is looks like a chip.

The processor of the computer is also called CPU (Central processing unit), because this on one of the most important parts of the complete CPU, we cannot imagine the computer without the CPU, because in the absence of CPU computers is not able to give responses to the user.

The processor in the mobile, tablets, and other small devices are called the microprocessor, this microprocessor is very small in size, in the computer processor is not only responsible for the process of instruction, there are other elements such as Hard drive are also responsible for the processing

But the Hard drives process very small instruction, most of the processing work is doing by the main processor due to the working of this microprocessor this is called the CPU of the device, this is also called the brain of the device, Intel and AMD  are two main company which makes the processor of the computer and microprocessor of the mobile.

Elements of the Processor/Microprocessor

(a) Arithmetical and logical unit (ALU)

 ALU is the part of the processor and the working procedure of the ALU are two types
Arithmetical unit:-Under this section ALU perform basic function like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

Logical unit:-Logical unit of the processor is also performs some basic operations such as the comparison between two or more numbers such that the number is greater or less than another number.

(b) Floating point unit

The floating-point is also the part of the processor this unit also process the instruction but the speed of this unit is fast than ALU, the FPU of the processor performs the operation such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Square root, Trigonometric values, exponential values and perform other operations.

(c) Control unit

The Control Unit of the processor/CPU is similar to the teacher in the class, just as teacher control in all the class during the teaching similarly Control unit of the processor control all the activities of the computer it, work as a supervisor, it fetches all the instruction from the RAM and control their execution.

(d) Resistor in the Processor

This is also the main part of the CPU, because when we fetch any instruction from the memory and execute this instruction then this resistor holds the instruction.

Operation inside the Processor

There are many types of operation are executed inside the processor, Due to this execution our work may be completed this operation is discuss in below.

Fetch:-It is a process where processor collects data from the memory and execute this data according to the given condition

Decode:-It is the operation of the processor where digital data converted into the plain text (Readable language) because inside the computer all the data stay in the form of the binary number so to make it readable we use decode processing.

Execute:-This is the last operation of the processor, at this state all the instruction come in the readable form and we can easily understand it, in this process all the given instruction be solved and give their final result.

What is the Core of the processor?

The core of the process is equal to the number of CPU inside the processor, from the above article we explain that the processor of the computer is a hardware chip and in this chip made by many components such as ALU, FPU, Control unit, resistor these four component is the main part of the processor and this four-component stay inside the process.

The combination of the above four components make a CPU and this single CPU is called a single-core processor and if we add a second CPU inside the processor then the processor is called a dual-core processor.

If we add four CPU inside the processor then it is called a quad-core processor and if we add eight CPU inside the processor then it is called the Octa-core processor.


What is computer processor definition | Types and core in processor

Expansion slot

What is Graphics card and Expansion slot
Graphic card
An expansion slot is a type of connector which help us to expand the feature of computer, in our computer, there are many types of slot are available which expand the feature and quality of the computer, if we want to install a new graphics card on the computer then we can add this card with the help of slots on the motherboard

There are many types of the card we insert in the motherboard such as video card, sound card, network card, modem, etc

Types of slots on the motherboard

There are many types of slots on the computer but on the basis of expansion card these slots are divided into three parts which are discuss as below
(a) PCI Express
(b) PCI
(c) AGP

(a) PCI Express slot

The PCI Express slot is a more advance slot concerning another slot because this slot supports more than one expansion card, we can insert the expansion card to our requirement, the PCI expansion slot communicate with the processor very fast so the speed of the computer is increasing hen we use PCI express slot to insert the card those cards which support the PCI express slot is given as below
Ex- Video card (Graphics card), sound card, Network card, SCSI

(b) PCI slot

The PCI slot is the most common expansion slot on the motherboard this slot is found on every motherboard but these slot support only graphics card, so at the present time this slot is not taken in use because we have a better alternative, this slot is an older slot and the advance of this slot is PCI the express slot which support more than one expansion card.

(c) AGP slot

The full form of AGP is accelerated graphics port, this is also, a supporter of the graphic card but it more advance to the PCI slot because in the AGP slot, 3D motion supporter are available so we can easily run high graphics games and HD quality videos.

Different types of the expansion card

Graphics card/ Video card

A Graphics card is also called a video card, When we buy any the computer then this computer is able to run only a limited amount of graphic or video because the computer is made to every industry, organization, company and another area.

So this computer manufacturer company provided limited feature on the computer, but according to the use of the computer we can modify this computer to our requirements if we want to show high graphics on our computer then we add a graphics card on the computer this graphics card increase the quality of video and also support the high graphics games.

The graphics card is responsible to show high graphics on the monitor, this graphics card convert the data into the signal and show on the screen if we have a high-quality graphics card then we show high graphics on the screen, this graphics card is more important for the gamer and video editors.

Types of graphic card

There are mainly two types of the graphics card on the PC which are discuss as below

(1) Integrated

This type of graphics card is permanently attached to the computer and not be removable we can not modify this graphics card, this card is cost-effective this card is found on the laptop.

(2) Discrete

This type of graphics card installed on the motherboard and easy to remove we can upgrade this graphic card if we want to replace the graphics the card on the motherboard then we can do it.

Network card

A network interface card (NIC) is a hardware component of the computer, this card we insert on PCI express slot on the motherboard, this the card helps us to connect this computer to the internet, in our computer a network card a pre-installed but it not more support to the internet, the downloading and uploading speed are limited in the pre NIC card but after installing a new NIC card on the computer it supports high-speed data transferring.

Sound card

A sound card is also an expansion card which helps us to improve the sound quality of the computer, this sound card improve the input and the output signal of the audio so we feel the better sound after the installing a sound card on the computer this sound card are easy to install on the motherboard.

What is Graphics card and Expansion slot

Internet of things

The internet of things is a platform where all the devices such as mobile, software, sensor, TV, fan, and other electronic devices are connected to each other with the help of internet and transfer their data to each other for a better experience for the user.

What internet of things definition and example
Internet of things (IoT)

The development of the 5G internet services are very fast so in the future, we see that most of our surrounding devices are the part of IOT because it does our work fast and saves our time, the development of the IoT at the present time is the initial state.

Working of the IoT services

The IoT services are based on the internet, all the devices of the IoT platform is interned base so there is a specific IP address of each the device in the IoT platform, this IP address helps us to control that device to our rules and regulations.

The IoT services are used to make the device automatic so most of the work is completed without any human effort this is to improve our productivity and save our time, in the future most of the devices are working on internet-based so it improves the structure of the IoT model.

The given IoT services help us to join different types of technology, with the help of internet service, we can easily control most of the IoT  services device with our mobile phone and maintain their all services with one click this IOT service converge most of the different services.

History of IoT

The IoT platform is not the latest technology we see the services of the IoT platform in the past time, In 1982 a Coca-Cola vending the machine is developed by the Carnegie Mellon University which based on the internet, after using the internet on this device this machine send the messages to the company to load the drink or maintain its services.

Characteristics of IoT

There are large no of devices, application, and other technology are developed at the present time so this improves the infrastructure of the IoT platform, at the present time their large number of applications and other the software uses the internet to improve their services.

The IoT services improve benefits and reduce the human the effort so we produce a large amount of product with efficiently, according to expert 31% IoT devices are developed by year over year and the market value of the IoT devices reach up to 7.1 trillion dollars in 2020.

Technology for IoT

There are a large number of wired or wireless devices are connected to each other with the help of IoT, Due to the interconnection between the devices, we can send and receive the data very fast, for the communication between two or more devices IP address is required.

The IP address of the device is unique and every internet consumer device has their unique device so when we send data to the particular the device then it goes to their original destination, The transmission of the data from one point to another point with the help of the internet is called protocol there are many types of protocol are establish for the transmission of data from one point to another point

What internet of things definition and example

System administrator

If we have multiple servers than to communicate with each server a common system requires this system is called system administrator, the system administrator control all the process which is doing inside the device such as app installing, IP changer, File transferring and another process

System administrator and configuration management tool
System administrator

All the process inside the computer is controlled by the system administrator but if the number of servers is more and there are large no of the process are running inside the device the system administrator are not able to handle all this process and server communication

If we work with the limited of servers we can easily Handel all the process with the help of system administrator and we can add more system administrator to doing all this limited process but if the number of the process is more than 500+ the local administrator is not able the run these process

Working of the system administrator

There are some process which is doing by the system the administrator is given as below

(1) App installing

When we install an app on the computer then the system administrator check all requirements which are required to run this application on the computer, if any files are missing on the device such as driver, launcher and other files then the app are not properly run on the computer, so to run this application on the PC first of all check which file is missing on the computer after finding it we install these files on the PC and run this app on the PC

(2) IP changing

When two or more devices are communicating with each other with the help of the internet then an address is required to send or receive the file on their destination these address is called IP address the IP address of the device is unique, but if some cases when we transferring od important data to another person and we would not want to share our IP with another person then we can change it, the changing of IP address are the different process

(3) System manager

The system administrator also checks the file transferring and operating system running process if some files are corrupted then it sends as a message to fix it some of the problems are easily fixed with the help of system tool

Configuration management tool

If we have a large number of computer and these computers are connected to a common server then to handle all the process and management of this computer a tool is required this tool is called configuration management tool

The system administrator of the computer can handle only the limited of the process so it is not used over the large scale but Configuration management tool of the server handle a large number of process of the computer, if we change some process inside the device such as app installation, deletion, updating, creating then all these processes we can do it with the help of configuration a management tool, the configuration management tool updating all the computers which are connected to this server in some minutes but when we do this work manually on the computers then it takes more time but configuration management tool helps us to update and create all the computer with the help of single code
Types of configuration management tool

There are mainly two types of Configuration management tool which are given as below
(a) Push-Based
(b) Pull-Based

(a) Push-Base

The push-base Configuration management tool upgrade all the computers with the help of single code if some of the computers are pre upgraded then it does not upgrade that computers, the upgrading process take few minutes, if the operating system and other software are corrupted all the computers then with the help of Configuration management tool we can re-upgrade all the computer with one single code

If we want to upgrade some specific computer then we upload the updated file on the git-hub, after this process a notification are going to the specific computer and if that computer user are want to upgrade that the computer than the can do it
Ex- Ansible, Salt-stack

(b) Pull-Based

That computer which is connected with the help of Pull-based management tool is upgraded to itself if any upgrade is found the the server than it takes the upgraded file and upgrades all its software so in this management tool computers are able to upgrade itself for some time interval

The pull base tool is easy to use and if we add some new devices with the server then there are no impact on another computer, there are another advantage of this system if we have added an upgraded computer to this system to the given network then no impact on another system every computer are upgraded to itself to this management tool so the human effort is reduces
Ex- CHEF, Puppet

System administrator and configuration management tool

The OSI model seven layer of computer networking

Networking 7 layer
Networking 7 layer

The full form of OSI model is open system  interconnection it is a process which are used to send data or receive the data from one place to another place, there are seven layers in the OSI model which help us to send or receive the data properly

When the data transfer from one point to another point then these data go to their destination to follow some rules, these rules are OSI model rules and universally accepted the development of the OSI model is being ISO (Internation system organization) in 1976

The OSI model plays a very important role in networking, Telecom industry and other places, in the OSI model every process are pre-define so we can easily see that what happen next, the working process of the OSI model is being stepped by step

Seven-layer of computer networking

The seven-layer of the OSI model is arranged according to the sender or receiver if we send the file then the order is different and when we receive the file than the order of the layer is different

Layers according to sender                             Layers according to receiver

Application layer                                                                     Physical layer
Presentation layer                                                                    Data link-layer
Session layer                                                                            Network layer
Transport layer                                                                        Transport layer
Network layer                                                                          Session layer                                     
Datalink layer                                                                          Presentation layer
Physical layer                                                                          Application layer

(1) Application layer

The application layer is one of the most important layers of the OSI model because all the services and feature of the given program and file are used with the help of the application, so this is the most important layer in the networking because without the application we can not use their services and not see their interface.

Most of the social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram provide their services with the help of the application, Application is a medium which helps us to use the services and feature in networking so we can not imagine the OSI model without the application layer.

(2) Presentation layer

This is another most important layer under the OSI model because when we send data from one position to another position then to provide the security of this data we modify this data, Before the sending of the data we encrypt this data so not any third party can read this data, this data is decrypted only the key which has known only sender and receiver so the encryption of the data provides security to the data.

The encryption data is called ciphertext and the cipher text of the different type of data is different, Before the sending of this data we compress this data so the size of data is reduced and it reaches their destination in the less time, sometimes we need to change the data language so we can  convert the language of this data during the presentation layer.

(3) Session layer

When data goes to one place to another through the wire or wireless than to establish a connection between two computer session layer is used, when data is transfer to another computer then this layer analyzes the data transferring and make the connection stable this layer is also checked how many data send and receive by the computers.

(4) Transport layer

This layer plays a very important role during the transmission of data, under this section the given data is divided into the different segments and each segment have their own identity and when this segment data reach their destination then they are reassembled and make a single file.

Transmission layer also controls the connection between two or more computer, this layer is responsible to check the errors during the data transmission when we transfer file then it controls the rate of data transferring and make it stable, during the transmission of data there are many the protocol is taken in use such as TCP/UDP.

(5) Network layer

After the addressing of each segment of the give data, this data are available to send from one point to another point when we send this data we have need their address because without the receiver address this data not reach their destination, in the networking the address of each device are called IP (Internet Protocol) address.

We can not send or receive data without the IP addresses in the networking each device have their own IP address and this is unique this the layer is also chek the perfect path to send this data their destination, the router is working on this layer.

(6) Datalink layer

The give data of the user in the form of plain text which are easy to read but when we send it then they converted into ciphertext which are not understandable so no any third party can miss using our data so under this layer, we provided the security of our data to cover (framing) it, this layer also controls the rate of data flowing.

(7) Physical layer

This layer establishes the connection between the two connecting medium which is connected with each other with the help of wire or wireless this layer converts the received data into the bit from because when we receive the data then they are into ciphertext which is nor understandable so the conversation is necessary.

Under the physical layer, the transmission is established between the computers with the help of some modes which are given below.

(a) Simplex mode

Under the simplex mode, the data are transferring only one side, in the simplex mode one device work as sender only and another is work as receiver only.

(b) Half-duplex mode

Under the half-duplex mode, the device is work as sender and receiver but at the time it works as sender and another time it works as receiver so this communication is called half-duplex because either user send the message or receive the message at the time.

The Woki Toki is the example of half-duplex because at the time either we send the data or receive the data.

(c) Full duplex mode

During the full-duplex mode the device is work as a sender or the receiver at the time, the mobile phone is the example of the full-duplex because at the time we send and receive data with the help of mobile


7 layer of networrking

What is Ethernet?

Ethernet is the type of LAN (local area network) it is used to transfer data from one place to another place with approximate speed, Ethernet is used to make a network connection between a large number of computers

Is Ethernet a protocol | Ethernet cable speed test

We can say that the Ethernet connection is like Topology, Because a large number of computer can be attached to this technology and share their data with high speed if we transfer our data with the help of wireless connection than a fear in our mind to lose our data or hijack of this data so wireless connection is less secure than a cable network

In the Ethernet connection, most of the data is passes through the wire so there is no fear to lose or hijack our data and the Ethernet is provided is more security our network system so it is widely used in the Ethernet we have more control on the network communication

Advantage of Ethernet connection

There are many advantages of Ethernet which are discussed as below

(a) This technology is less expensive with respect to another technology so it is the reason people use this technology is more.

(b) when data is transfer through the wire then under the Ethernet technology then it works as noise resistor so it is an environment friendly but in the wireless communication the data is passed over the high the frequency which may be harmful to our health

(c) In the Ethernet connection, we can access stable and approximate speed so this is another property of this technology but in the wireless communication the speed of data transfer is not stable and change according to the time

(d) The Ethernet is more reliable than other technology it provided more security and high-speed data transfer feature

Disadvantage of Ethernet

There are some disadvantages of Ethernet which are discussed as below

(a) The Ethernet is used only limited area such as office, Bank, School, Company, etc

(b) If we create an Ethernet network then we need long cables

(C) If the traffic is increasing on the Ethernet network then speed of the network decreases so this is another disadvantage of Ethernet

(d) In the Ethernet services, the data is passed through the wire so data is not sharing in the packet form, in the Ethernet the data is sharing in small parts but continuously sharing.

Is Ethernet a protocol | Ethernet cable speed test


The algorithm is the combination of steps which are used to solve computer problems step by step and do other work which are program based, the algorithm is basically a program which helps us to run any software or apps on the device

The algorithm of any software is a very important part and without the algorithms, we cannot properly use any software because the algorithm contains those steps which are useful to run this software

Example of algorithm

To understand the algorithm in the simple language let us take an example to suppose we want to send a message to another person so to do this we can type a message and send those people which we want, this message we send with the help of some software which maybe Facebook, what’s up, Instagram etc

The above application help us to send the message to another person but before the receiving of this message on the right person it follows some rules to reach their destination without any quarry these rules or steps are called algorithm and it helps us to do any work step by step
Properties of the algorithm.

(1) Finiteness

Those algorithm which is shorter length are good algorithm because it is easy to usable and when we want to configure it then we can do it very easily the shorter length algorithm does work very fast and effective so we need to try a shorter length algorithm to run the programs.

(2) Precisely

The every step of the algorithms are pre-define so we can easily see that what happens in the next step, if we solve the mathematical problem with With the help of the algorithm then we can easily do it because it works step by step.

(3) Unambiguous

The algorithms of any programs are detailed explain and do any work step by step so the chance of any wrong work is negligible if we want to configure any this then we change some algorithm to our desire and make it for our usable

What is an algorithm and their property

What is the web?

Web browse and hyperlink in html definition
Web browse and hyperlink in HTML definition

The full form of www is world wide web it is the collection of all URL (uniform resource locator) which save on the internet most of the people think that the web and internet are the same things but in reality, both are different

The internet is the medium which helps us to reach our desire web pages or our other information;      We can say that internet is the most important element on the network communication which helps us to connect various devices which use internet data such as Mobiles, computers, laptops, etc.

To understand the web in the simple language let us take an example suppose we want to reach a place then we need their address, without the address we cannot reach that place, this address we gain with the help our relatives or any other sources similarly in the networking if we want to reach a particular web page or any other site then we need their address (URL), this the address is saved on the web which is www, so we can say that www is important element on network communication

HyperText and hyperlink

If we want to reach a website or any web page then we simply search on the browser and go to our site but before reaching our site we click on some given text which is shown on the search result then this text is called hypertext and the link which is attached to the given text is called hyperlink
If we create a hyperlink on our web pages then we can easily create it first of all select of those words which we want to make a hypertext after this process press ctrl+K button on the keyboard after this process a new page will be open we just add the link on the given area and save then after this process, the given text will be making a hypertext

Difference between HTTP or https protocol

Protocol means a set of rules in the network communication, On the internet, there are a large number of data is send and receive by the internet user so a rule is required to send this data on their consumer so this rule is called a protocol, HTTP or HTTPS is a type of protocol they are helping us to send and receive without any problems but if we send data through the HTTP protocol then there are a chance to lost this data or hijack our computer by the hacker so this a protocol may be dangerous

But if we use HTTPS protocol then there is no fear in our mind because this protocol is secure and no hacker steal our data when we send data to our relatives or any other the full form of HTTPS is Hypertext transfer protocol with security this protocol is widely used because this is trusted if you want to more about the internet protocol then click on the below and gain the full knowledge of internet protocol (IP) address

                                                  Click here

Web browse and hyperlink in html definition

What is BIOS?

BIOS and UEFI in computer system example
BIOS and UEFI in computer system example 

The full form of BIOS is Basic input output system is software which checks the all input or output devices running statues which connected to the Computer it is like as firmware if you not know what is firmware then we explain in short form, Firmware is a software which attached to the electronic devices and help it to do some basic work which we program on it

When we start the computer then, first of all, BIOS of the computer is starting and check all components which attached to the computer if all the components in their working condition then the computer will be started so we can say that BIOS is the first software which starts first when we power ON of the computer

The BIOS is also used for booting of the device when we start the computer then before the starting all process which is required to ON the device is called Post (Power ON self-test), after the booting process, the computer is eligible for ON.

The BIOS of the computer is fixed on the motherboard of the computer, it looks like a chip which is called CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) the BIOS chip of the computer is non-volatile (No any data loss when we OFF Computer)

What is UEFI?

The full form of UEFI is Unified extensible firmware interface, it is also a type of BIOS but it is more advance with compare to BIOS so at the present time this UEFI is used on most of the computer and other devices

Difference between BIOS and UEFI

(a) In the BIOS we can do work with the help of keyboard only but in the UEFI we can do work with keyboard and mouse so it is easy to use we can easily configure any setting with the help of mouse but in the BIOS the only keyboard is allowed to do changes

(b) BIOS of the computers are supported only limited storage drives so this is the big reason to replace the BIOS of the computers but at the present time UEFI is taken is used which is supported a large amount of storage drives

(c) In the BIOS the all setting show on the blue screen and the values of the different component are shown in numbers only but in the UEFI the values of the different component are shown both values or graphical which make it too attractive, we can easily see all the details of the computer in the graphical form

BIOS and UEFI in computer system example

SD card types
SD card format

The full form of SD card is Secure digital card it is a nonvolatile (After the turn OFF the device the storage data is not deleted) memory which is used to save our file, videos, audio and other data, there are different types of SD card available on the market and prise of these cards are different according to their property

So in this article, we know that how many types of SD card exist and why two same SD card available on different prices and how to we choose the best SD card for our device because there are many variant are available of SD in the shop

Types of SD card

There are mainly three types of SD cards which are given as below
(1) SDSC
(2) SDHC
(3) SDXC

(1) SDSC (Secure digital standard capacity)

This memory card is made for the normal uses we found this the memory card in the mobile phones, these memories are cheaper than other memory and the storage capacity of this memory is lies between 128MB to 4GB

(2) SDHC (Secure digital high capacity)

This is another type of SD card this memory card is widely used, we use this memory in our mobile phone this SD card is more expensive than SDSC card, the storage range of this memory is lies between 4GB to 32GB

(3) SDXC (secure digital extended capacity)

These memories are used in the high definition camera or another high storages devices, these memories are not made for the mobile phone because the storage capacity of this memory card is more than other memory these memories are more expensive with respect to SDSC, SDHC memory card, the storage capacity of this SD card is lies between 64GB to 2TB

Classes of SD card

When we transfer file from SD card to another device then the speed of data transferring differs from other memory this difference is due to memory constriction and quality so to see all detail about the memory we classified this SD card into different classes which are given as below.

Classes                                 Speed
2                                              2mbps
4                                              4mbps
6                                              6mbps
8                                              8mbps
10                                           10mbps
UHS-1                                   100+ Mbps
USH-2                                   300+ Mbps
UHS-3                                   600+ Mbps

SD card recovery

If we delete some file unfortunately from the SD card then we recover these file from the SD card to doing these process we need software which are easily available

To recover the SD card, first of all, we download a software which name is Recover it, To install this the software in our PC go to any browser such as Google and type recover it after this process there are many site list are shown but we click on the first link and download the software according to our operating system

After the downloading process, we install this software in our PC, the installation process can take some time it depends on the internet quality so takes patient, after the installation process of the software we just open this recover it software and choose those option which we want to do with the help of this software

But in this article, I will talk you to recover the SD card so click on the recover SD card but before the clicking on this option we plug that SD card on the PC which we want to recover it so, first of all, check the recover device is connected to the PC

After the checking the SD card we click on the recover SD card option and choose SD card from the drive after selecting the SD card we click on the start now option so the scanning process of the SD card is starts now and it scans all those which are deleted from the SD card the scanning process can take some time so take patient

After the scanning process, it shows all the file list which are deleted from the SD car so our desire we choose the file and recover the file which is deleted from the memory after this process the deleted file are recover in our device and we can use this file

What are SD card formatter and recovery?

Different types of computer courses

Different types of computer courses
Computer Basic

The computer industry is one of the biggest industry there are many technologies which are related to the computer are developed day by day so there are a large number of the industry which are related to computer technology and they produce many jobs which are related to the computer industry

In the computer industry, day by day new technology are included so there is not any fixed number, of course, are related to the computer industry but in this article, we talk about only those course which is most famous and the people participate in this course and make our future stable these courses are explained below in the article.

(1) Basic computer course (O level)

If you do not know anything about the computer such as what is the computer and how we use this device in a different area and how they works then, first of all, you need to complete the basic computer course

In the basic computer, we learn that thing which are necessary to run the computer here we learn how to starts the computer and we work on the computer and how we use different application and software of the computer so to operate the computer we first learn basic computer knowledge and then we learn a more advanced course which is related to the computer the duration this course is 3-6 months.

(2) Programming

Computer programming is on the most important course because without computer programming we cannot make any software or programs, there are many institutes, college, and university all around the world which teach about the computer programming

In the computer programming  there are many languages teach by the college, institute, and university these programming languages help us to create an application or another software, so we can say that programming is the back born of the computer and without the programming, we cannot imagine the computer

(3) DCA (Diploma in computer application)

Under this course there are many topics are taught such as programming, web designing, and many other things so after the completing of this course you can elect to make an application developer, the duration of this course is 6-months to 1-year

After the completing of DCA course, you can do work in the software company and find the errors bugs on the system there are many large amounts of packages provided for this job, this course are very demandable because the day by day new technology develops so their maintainer and developer are very demandable.

(4) Diploma in computer science

This is another high demandable course in the computer field because under this course there are many things are taught to the students such as programming, Networking, software development, Web programming and another a most important topic so most of the tech company prefer this student so after the 10th or 12th we can choose this course to make our future bright The duration of this course is 3-years

(5) Ethical hacker

This is another most interesting course which teaches by many institutes all around the world, after complete the ethical hacking degree course, you can do any company which are tech-related and here you check all security of the system and provided the security of all the computers, for this work company paid high salary so this ethical course beneficial for you

Computer courses name

What is Google Analytics?

Google analytic dashboard
Google Analytics

Goggle Analytics is an online tool which helps us to generate the reports of website, Blog, Digital marketing and another platform this tool is widely use to see the user experience on a different platform, for our desire we use this tool for online marketing or offline marketing.

Working of Google Analytic

The algorithm of the google analytic is changed according to the time and some new features are added according to the present time this the tool continuously upgrades their algorithm, But according to the expert this tool working on the basis of three give platforms which is discussed below.

Collect Data to analyze the given platform

Data collection is one of the most important parts of the Google analytics because without any data it cannot generates reports and not give their solution, it is the common science without any data how this tool generates the reports of the Website, Blog, or any other platform.

To analyze the website or Blog, first of all, we create a google analytics account and added our site on this tool, To doing this process we need a javascript which provided by this tool so we can just copy and paste this java code on the site where this tool says after this process our google analytics tools are ready to analyze the website and generate their reports.

The given Java code is a tracking code it tracks all the activity which is doing on the site this code is very small in size and east to past on the site to their original position, this java code track user as well as Admin activities on the site such as who user come on the site and how many posts this user read and where this user click on the site so according these reports which we can easily optimize the site and make it user friendly This java code is also tracking the user behavior, languages which mobile are used and which operating system is working on the device.

Compile of data

After collecting data from different sources an process is doing to generate the reports about this data this process is called compiling, the compilation process is a very necessary process to analyze this collecting data, the competition process of different data are different and this process is doing stepwise.

The compilation process of the google analytic is automatic and we cannot modify this process are pre-design into the google analytic tool.

Generates the Reports

After the compilation and collecting of data from different sources this tool give us reports, on the basis of this reports we can modify the site according to our desire and increase more traffic on the site this the tool is basically used to see the user experience on different platform and improve our site, this tool is easily available on the app form and we use us this tool in the desktop version because desktop version of this tool is too advance and we have gained some additional properties

What is Google Analytic and working process

What is Hard disk

Hard disk partition
Storage of hard drive

The hard disk is a storage device which keeps our files for the long time, this hard disk is one of the most important components of the computer without the hard disk we cannot store any data on the computer or PC.

This hard disk on the principle of magnetism because due to the magnetism ability of the hard disk it can store data without the any external power, when we turn off the device then this data will not delete, the storage data of the hard disk is contained for a long time and it will be lost when our hard disk will be corrupted or broken

In the hard disk, a circular disk has placed this plate made generally for aluminium, the circular metal plate is called platter, to make this patter for storing device coating on it with platinum, nickel, cobalt etc.

After the coating of Nickel, cobalt and platinum on the platter (circular disk) this plate work as magnetising disk and able to store data, after this process we coating of carbon on this device to make it smooth, when this disk is completely made than this platter is able to spin on their axis with the help of electric motors the speed of this plate is general 5000+ rpm the speed of the platter plate depends on the device

When the platter is rotating on their shell then a component is attached to this platter which read the information on it, this component is called Header, in the hard disk generally two headers are used one is top of the platter and another is below of the platter but in the expensive hard disk there are more header is attached to this hard drive to read the codes on the platter this header is able to scan the data on the platter

Types of Hard Disk

There are mainly 6 types of the hard disk which are classified on their colour and every hard disk are different from other, Every colour have their definite meaning  so we know this in detail in the below

WD (western digital) Blue

This device is made for commercial work such as file storage of Ms word, Excel, PowerPoint, Audio, Video etc the storage capacity of the hard disk is 500GB to 6TB this is the general hard disk and most of the computers are using this hard disk

WD (Western Digital) Black

If we do advance work on the PC we recommended you to use black hard disk because this hard disk support fast process on the computer, if we do working on video editing, audio mixing and other advance work then not only processor and motherboard is responsible to do work fast, but the hard disk is also another most important part to doing this work if we do not choose the best drive for our PC we face some problems when we working on the computer these problems are small but they consume our time too must so if our work is technical and we use our PC for technical work than we use best Hard disk for our PC, the storage capacity of this black hard disk is 500GB to 6TB

WD (Western Digital) Green

This Hard disk is not used over the large scale on the computers because this hard disk is being slow the computers and not support the Operating system properly, this green Hard disk is used generally for secondary storage so we do not see this green hard disk on the computers, this hard the disk is less costly with respect to another device because this is used only for secondary storage in this Disk, our data is saved for a long time because it does not participate in another work on the computer

WD (western digital) Purple

This hard disk is made to store a large amount of data and working 24 hours, these hard disk is used on the CCTV camera because on the CCTV camera all the recording data is continuously saved on the drives so we need a hard disk which we take working to 24 hours so this device are made to keep in mind the storage capacity of this hard disk is 500GB to 10 TB this the device is not made for the general-purpose if we use this hard disk for the general-purpose than we can face some problems on our PC

WD (western digital) Red

This Hard disk is used in networking because in the networking there are many user access single data to stop the crash of hard disk drive this red hard disk is used this device is made to keep in mind that there are many people are accessing this hard disk, this is an only readable disk and used in the server, the storage capacity of this hard disk is 750GB to 10TB.

WD (western digital) Gold

This hard disk stores a very large amount of data, this disk do read and write both works so it is costly and use this disk in the data centre to store the information of the people, Most of the Telecom company, Banks and other organizations are used this hard disk the storage capacity of the this the hard disk is 1TB to 12TB, in this disk our data is safe for a long time and not easily corrupt so most of the people prefer this hard disk for their quality

Hard Disk partition problem | Types and storage

What is the Hub?

Hub and switch in networking
Hub in networking

Hub is an electronic device which helps us to connect multiple the device from a single server, this is a star topology based technology and if and the device is corrupt which is connected to this hub then there is no impact on the other devices which is connected to this hub device.

Types of Hub

There are mainly three types of Hub which are given as below

(a) Active Hub

These type of hubs regenerate the signal, amplifying the signal and forward the signal so to doing this process it consumes the electricity

(b) Passive Hub

These hubs do not regenerate the signal, not amplifying the signal and not forward the signal the transfer the input data on their normal a condition so for working of this hub there are no any electricity is required

(c) Intelligent Hub

These Hubs are made to do some spatial work, these hubs control the unwanted traffic on the system so the quality of the network is increase and we do our work fast

Working of Hub

When a signal comes on the Hub from the large distance then the quality of the signal is reduced and if we do not bring this signal to their normal condition then we cannot use this signal for our purpose so we use Hub in our networking, this Hub regenerate (Improve signal quality) the signal and make it usable

The input signal on the hub is weak so this hub first of all amplifying this signal and then forward to the next destination but when the hub forward this signal to another device than an error has come on the network these problems are discussed below

There are many computers that are connected to the hub so when we forward and data to the particular computer then this signal is forwarded to all the computers which is connected to this Hub so this is one of the biggest reason most of the organization company did not prefer this hub because they have another best alternative of this Hub devices so at the present time this hub does not use, there are many advance device gives the best experience with respect to this hub

Advantages and disadvantage of the Hub

(1) It is a multiple port electronic device so there are many devices are attached to it
(2) This hub is not saved the data
(3) When this hub forwards the data then is send unwanted data to another computer
(4) When we transfer data with the help of the hub then one port is used for input data and another is used for output data we cannot send or receive data at the same time with the help of computer
(5) Hub is a half-duplex device so at the time either we send the data or receive the data
(6) These hub devices are very costly so this is limited used we have another best alternative of these devices

What are the switches?

Switches are an also like as Hub but it is more advance than hub it is also a star topology based device which connects multiple of computers and share their data, in the switches we do not face data broadcasting problem because this device is made keeping this in mind that there are not transfer unwanted data to another computer

But we transfer data with the help of hub than we face a big problem to broadcast this data to other computers but switches are more advance with respect to the hub when we transfer data through the switches then a MAC the address is required to send this data

So the switches are more useful than a hub because it provides more facility in the switches when we connect and computer devices then first of all then send a data packet to find the connected device MAC address after this process the switch gives the information to the user about the this device and after the approval of the user, we can easily transfer data from one computer to another computer
In the switches, there are many paths that are defined to transfer the data from one computer to another computer in the switches there are a define path are assign to a particular port so when we transfer file from one port to another port then our data is not collapsed or not collide to another data so it improves the speed of data transferring

In the hub when we transfer file then it data goes to another computer for some common path then some time they give us error and our file is transferred to the wrong person but in the switches the sanded data goes to the right person.

Hub vs switches types and definition

What is Router 

Router different ports
Router definition

The router is an electronic device which is used to split the modem signal into different parts because when the internet comes on the modem then there are only one IP address is attached to this data so to split this we use Router

If we want to use many devices to the help of router then we can do it, The router is able to connect two or more devices it is used in basically LAN and WAN network, this router help us to find the best path to reach our website so our work will be fast.

On the internet, there are many ways to reach a particular but if we use a router in our networking then it helps us to reach our desire site our WebPages very less time the router base technology is more costly with respect to Switch or Hub networking these router also help to stop the unwanted traffic on our device so it is another reason than when we use router then our device is working fast.

Working on Router

It is an internet-based device which helps us to connect two or more different IP address devices,, most of the router is Operating system based so they work very smartly, the router manages all the connection which is connected to this device

The router is accessed only digital signal and split this signal into different parts when they split this signal then every part have their particular IP and we said this IP is a gateway IP address, the different devices are connected to the router with the help of this gateway IP.

Classification of Router

There are mainly two types of Router which are given as below

(a) Fixed Router

These routers are not used over the large scale because this the router provided only limited facilities so most of the user are not prefer this router, in this type of routers there are no extra ports are available to configure this router but in the new modern router new ports are available which help us to configure the default setting of the router and improve the performance of router

In the fixed routers we cannot add any interface cards so this is another big reason most of the person nor use this router, we cannot upgrade this router.

(b) Modulator Router

This is the advance version of fixed routers, in this routers there are many new ports and features are included which improve the quality of the router so these routers are used over the large scale, in the modulator router some new slots and other important ports are added so we attached external cards on the router and configure the default setting of the router.

Types of ports on the Router

There are basically three types of ports are included on the router which is given as below

(a) LAN Ports

If we connect many devices through a particular server then we use this LAN (Local area network) port, we connect the compute to the server with wire or wireless this router are supporting both of the feature, in the LAN ports there are some port are included which are given as below.

Ethernet port
Fast Ethernet port
Gig Ethernet port

(b) WAN ports

If we communicate over the large distance then we use WAN network the rang of the WAN network is above the 1km so it is widely used and with the help of this network, we connect router to router and transfer their data, in the router these ports are called serial port and these ports maybe 60 pin or 26 pins.

(c) Administrator Port

 In the router the LAN and WAN ports are used to transfer their data from one place to another place but the administrator port is not used to transfer the data, these ports are use to configure the routers and give the commands to the router.

Router vs access point | Setting of ports

software install ubuntu
software install

If our mobile phone is being corrupt then we can easily install new software on this phone and make this device new, to install new the software we need some tool which helps us install software on the phone these the tool is given as below
(a) Stock ROM
(b) SP flash tool
(c) Android USB driver

To install new software we need PC so first of all these files download on the PC with the help of using the internet these tool are easily available on the site but before the downloading of this tool we check that these tools are supporting on the device
We download those tool which is supported our device so when we download these tool on the device then we write the device name and then search these tool

(a) Stock ROM

Stock ROM is one of the most important tools for the downloading of software in the mobile these ROM are different for the different a device so to download the right Stock for our device we follow these steps, first of all, go to any browser and type STOCK ROM FOR  YOUR DEVICE NAME
 After this process, the browser shows many website lists so our requirements we open any site and download the ROM for our device accordingly.

(b) SP flash tool

This is another most important tool for the installing of ROM on the phone, if we not install this software on the PC then we cannot install software on the PC this is the supporter software of the ROM so to install stock ROM on the device we need first this tool.
We can use this SP flash tool for another work is not made only for installing ROM on the devices but we can do another most important work for this tool.

(c)  Android USB driver

To run any program, software or apps a driver has required this driver to help the software to controls all the things which are inside the software, most of the cases these drivers are attached to the software but in some rare cases these drivers are corrupted so we need a new driver

To run the program drivers are necessary to program if in our system any driver is missing then it shows error so to fix this problem we download and install the driver according to their device but in this article, we talk about the USB driver

If we want to install stock ROM on the mobile phones than we need to USB drivers because without the USB driver, the plugging devices are not connected to the PC and us cannot do any changes on the device but most of the cases these USB drivers are pre-installed so we do not need to install USB drivers on the PC

But if some of the cases, these USB driver is being corrupted than we need to install a new drive on the PC and connect our mobile with PC and do changes on the phone, to install the drivers according to the device, first of all, go to any browser and type in the search tab USB driver for your device name and search after these process there are many website lists are shown so you click any one and download the drivers for the mobile according.

What we do after the installing of the above tool

If we download all the files and install on the PC then we doing the following step to install stock ROM on the device so see all the steps carefully and install custom ROM on the mobile phone
First of all, we check the Android USB driver on the device, to check this drive on the computer we right-click on the This PC icon and go to the manage option here we click on the device manager option if the USB driver is installed on the computer than is shown here.

In the next step we go to the SP flash tool here we see many options but to install ROM on the phone we click on the scatter loader option after this process we select the stock ROM file after this process we click on the download option
After doing all the above process to connect your device with PC with the help of USB cable, after the connection the wire the stock ROM is installed in the phone and our device is ready to install fresh software on it after following all the above steps, your device is can easily install new software.

How to install software on the mobile phone